Top Ten Ways Nicki Minaj Is Better Than Miley Cyrus

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1 Nicki Minaj Can Rap

Should be changed to why they both suck. - Gehenna

They both SUCK

Please, neither of them can rap at all. - ThePwoperMuser101

2 Nicki Minaj Is Hotter

A fing HOTTIE she's such a queen such an icon queen tingz love here - Luckys

Nicki isn't hot. Neither is Miley. It's partially because I'm straight and partially because they are ugly. - RiverClanRocks

She's too fake! She's not hot, Miley may also look bad, but nobody compares to Nicki especially in terms of ugliness.

At least miley cyrus is real

3 Miley's We Can't Stop Is Horrible

They both suck equally the same. - cosmo

And Nicki's Anaconda is even more horrible.

4 Miley's Wrecking Ball Is Horrible

Once you get past the video the song itself is not bad.

Wish me luck I gona watch it fullscreen hope I don't brain damage

5 Nicki Minaj Writes Her Own Songs

If that's so she must be suffering from depression. - thenarrok

She has songs? No. These are just garbage and nonsense crap.

6 Nicki Minaj Has Booty

Yes. But she is a plastic woman. She is fake.
Miley has a real ass. Just saying

7 Miley Cyrus Twerking Is Disgusting

What a hypocrite. Nicki Minaj's porn videos, or as you call them "music videos", are more disgusting.

8 Nicki Minaj Is Popular
9 Nicki Minaj is a Feminist
10 Nicki Minaj Cares About Young Fans

She says she doesn't want kids cursing, and that she wants her young fans to listen to clean versions

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11 Nicki Minaj tells her fans to stay in school
12 Nicki Can Actually Sing, Unlike Miley
13 Nicki Has Talent, Miley Does Not
14 Nicki Doesn't Appropriate Cultures
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