Top Ten Ways Noggin Is Better Than Nick Jr.


The Top Ten

1 The T.V. Shows

Paw patrol is the only good new show

Oh my God I grew up on The Backyardigans!

The shows were a lot better back in the early 2000s. It's beyond comparison to the weird shows they now come up with. - Jennydogluver

I loved noggin. Actually, I still do! I started to get out of it with nick jr

2 The Characters

It a show about cute dogs

The characters on Noggin were a lot more likeable and relatable. - Jennydogluver

What is paw patrol

3 Better Show Ideas

The shows were a lot more thought out before they were published. - Jennydogluver

4 Commercials

I live the puzzle time commercials. My favorite was the one with Green Apples because it had cool background music that sounded like something that should be on SpongeBob or Franklin.

There weren't as many commercial breaks and the commercials were very short. - Jennydogluver

Lol me too. I wonder who composed it.

5 Better Logo

I found the logo very cute and funny.

Of course! IT HAD A HEAD. NICK.JR IS JUST TEXT - ZackAttack2005

6 The Songs

The songs back on Noggin were a lot more entertaining and on - key than the ones on Nick Jr. - Jennydogluver

Awesome songs - Ihateschool

7 Bumpers

The bumpers always made me excited and thrilled to watch the shows. - Jennydogluver

I love the bumpers when I was little

8 Better Lessons

The only lesson I learned from Nogg in/No was no biting

Noggin was a lot more fun than Nick Jr., because they taught you things you needed to learn in real life, along with a lot of fun tossed in. - Jennydogluver

The current Nick jr. has little learning. Nowadays, economy is worse and Nick jr. only cares about money. Taking off Moose A. Moose and Zee bird has caused a firing riot. We all know that the old Noggin channel back in 2002 taught are kids important skills!

9 Moose and Zee

They were so cute and likable. They always stuck with me.

10 Retro Reruns

This is how I was introduced to some of my favorite Sesame Street characters like Little Jerry And The Monotones, Guy Smiley, Roosevelt Franklin, Farley, and Simon Soundman!

No he right sesame street did air pbs kids but it also aired on noggin stupid

Oh man I think I said that pbs kids stupid
It did air on Noggin
And Play with Me Sesame (I’m still a kid but I watched it on Sprout, I’m 11 and hate baby shows now)
And 123

Now it is, but in 1969 it was, as they said. Don't call others stupid.


The Contenders

11 Better Dora

As much as I despise Dora, I honestly feel that the older episodes weren't as terrible - Jennydogluver

12 More Publicity

Noggin was a lot more popular than Nick Jr.'ll ever be. - Jennydogluver

13 Less PAW Patrol

The Nick Jr channel on Nickelodeon almost ALWAYS has PAW Patrol on. They have so many other shows why do they air mostly just one?

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