Top Ten Ways Norm of the North is Better Than Zootopia


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1 Norm of the North Has a Better Story

what - B1ueNew

lol no - PeeledBanana

Ha - iliekpiez

Maybe if you'd stop bashing my older lists for the sake of being annoying I'd respect you more - darthvadern

false - VideoGamefan5

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2 Norm of the North Has Better Characters (Except for the Lemmels)

Nah - iliekpiez

I like Norm, Mr. Greene and Vera
But I hate All characters in Zootopia, Nick Wilde may be mediocre. - darthvadern

false - VideoGamefan5

3 Norm of the North Doesn't Have Any Annoying Sloths Like Zootopia

True that, but Zootopia doesn't have lemmings peeing - VideoGamefan5

One reason I hate Zootopia, I mean when a film is boring, they make it even longer and worse by adding sloths, just why? - darthvadern

Yeah it was has annoying everything else in Norm. - iliekpiez


4 The Arctic and New York are Better Than a Stupid Animal-Inhabited City

Wrong - iliekpiez

False, if they're poorly animated then false - VideoGamefan5

5 Norm of the North Has Better Animation

You've got to be kidding me, right? - Epikrika

You're blind if you agree with this!

Is this a joke? Norm of the North is cheap and has textures of a PS3 knockoff game. Zootopia is beautiful. - B1ueNew

HA - iliekpiez

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6 Zootopia Had Naked Animals

Animals are naked in real life. So are you afraid of the zoo? Or watching animal movies in general? - B1ueNew

There just animals though. How can a scene with ANIMALS be disturbing in an animated movie. - B1ueNew

They looked disturbing, I know that Norm Of The North also had naked animals, but they are disturbing to see. - darthvadern

So I'm guessing Tom and Jerry shorts are like horror films to you if you're calling Zootopia's naked animal scene "disturbing." - naFrovivuS

No animals IRL wear clothes anyway. - Epikrika

Lol my ass - VideoGamefan5

7 Zootopia Had Annoying Jokes

Norm Of The North may have poor jokes, but the Zootopia jokes are annoying. - darthvadern

And Norm doesn't? - iliekpiez

False, norm had jokes were lemmings where peeing in a FISH BOWL, - VideoGamefan5

8 Norm of the North is Shorter

and - iliekpiez

That si true - VideoGamefan5

That doesn't make it better - VideoGamefan5

9 Zootopia Ruined 2016

In a year where terrorists killed hundreds, elections were messy for both democrats and republicans, celebrities died, alligators ate children, Pokemon Go had that crappy song made after it, and gorillas were shot, Zootopia was the worst? Sure, it's not my favorite either, but it's cute enough to tolerate, and certainly wasn't the worst thing in 2016,especiallywhen compared to the movie you're trying to defend.

Yes. 2016, a year which had the shooting in Orlando Florida and the terrorist attack in Nice, France, was ruined by a disney movie *rolls eyes*

Sure, Orlando shootings, terrorism, the election, a bunch of celebrities died, but no, that was nothing compared to a Disney movie. Zootopia 2 comes out and I guess the world blows up. - naFrovivuS

How can a movie ruin a year - iliekpiez

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10 Norm of the North is getting sequels

And..? - iliekpiez

So who cares? - VideoGamefan5

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11 Mr. Greene is a Better Villain Than Bellwether

Nah - iliekpiez

really? - VideoGamefan5

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