Top 10 Ways to Not Get Bullied

These ways are 90% sucsess my grandpa telled to my if you combine all of them 100% not bulyd

The Top Ten

1 Do Not Backstab Them

If there tell you secret do not tell enybody and keep quiet do not be like o that guy is so stubid (bully)
94% sucses

2 Do Not Be a Complete Idiot

There gona muck you meke jokes about you and call you idiot so

3 Laugh at Their Jokes

Bully:so I tell him come on
You:what ever! /Shut up!

Bully:so I tell him come on
You:Nice joke hahaahaha!
90% sucses

4 Be Social

Be social hang with friend do not gete locket up be funy tell jokes
100% sucses

5 Play Sports and Be Good at It

Pkay football socer baseball etc
70& sucses

6 Do Not Cry

What's this about crying? It's something I haven't done in a long time... - Therandom

If you cry, the bully will take advantage of you and will start to pick on you even more.

In general you shouden cry at some kity being run over and a dead bird just no
If you have all above but you don't have this the sucses rate is 50%
80% sucses

7 Do Not Be the Teacher's Pet

Here's a tip:do not make nerdy jokes,do not fix the teacher at every misteke,do not tell the teacher tat somebody is cheting remember you don't get A for being teacher pet and your not cool if you tell somebody that somenoe is cheating
60% sucses

8 Play Social Games

Call of Duty CS Halo etc what your friends play

9 Do Not Fix Every Mistake Your Friend Does

So pringles is 30grames
40 grams
And has 50 chips
48 chips
And its 2 dolars
2 dolars and 1 cent

Not coll
Bonus 5%

10 Do Not Be a Grammar Nazi
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