Top Ten Ways Notorious Top Tenners Discovered This Website

I have been asking people this question and I will continue to do so and add more items.

The Top Ten

1 (PositronWildhawk) Was googling randomly and found this website by accident

I did indeed. A fortunate accident, like penicillin. - PositronWildhawk

2 (Britgirl) Googled "top ten comedians"
3 (Happyhappyjoyjoy) Googled "best sponge bob episodes"

That is how I found it but I did not get an account until I found the worst show ever list here - TheKirbyCreeper999

That's how I found this website! - PatrickStar

4 (CityGuru) Googled "most random things ever"

Wish I'd Googled this first. - Britgirl

5 (Moldysock) Found herself / one of her friends on a list

Now I really wanna hear about this! - happyhappyjoyjoy

6 (Beatlesboy9) Googled "the Top Ten Beatles Songs"
7 (Dr.Necro) "Googled top ten…"
8 (Ajkloth) Googled "Best Pop Stars Ever"
9 (Keyson) Googled "Top Ten Sigur Ros Songs"
10 (Jetticus12) Googled "Top Ten Green Day Songs"

The Contenders

11 (Ashduck) Googled "Top Ten Best Creepypastas"
12 (hockeykid58) Googled "worst places to fart"
13 (frantic713) Searched for 'Best Metallica Songs'

I just googled "top 10 best rock songs" - SirSheep

14 (PetSounds) Googled "best beatles songs"

My four Liverpudlian friends led me to this site, indeed. They've led me down many other paths too. - PetSounds

15 (TopTenJackson) Searched For "Most Popular States In U.S."
16 (SuperHyperman) Googled "Top Ten Youtubers"
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1. (PositronWildhawk) Was googling randomly and found this website by accident
2. (Britgirl) Googled "top ten comedians"
3. (Happyhappyjoyjoy) Googled "best sponge bob episodes"


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