Top Ten Ways to Offend a Metal Elitist

The Top Ten

1 Tell them metal sucks

I'll be unsuspended soon yay-BananaBrain

2 Tell them pop is better than metal

You know some of those idiots consider Metallica pop because it's not """"" Heavy""""" Enough. - BananaBrain

They probably have only heard The Black Album since that was when Metallica became more poppy at a moment. - Userguy44

3 Call them out on their idiocy
4 Give a bad album review on one of their favorite bands
5 Make a list similar to this one
6 You say that Die Antwoord, Kylie Minogue and Simple Plan are good

This would trigger anyone. - RoseWeasley

Die antwoord is the best band ever but the other two suck - BananaBrain

Metal elitists don't like any of these terrible artists.

They should all go to jail. - Caillou_is_awesome

7 Blast pop and rap songs in front of them
8 Tell them you like Nickelback

Unless itโ€™s MetalWorldOrder - Userguy44

9 Yeet them out a window

The art of defenestration. I want to get a doctorate in defenestration - SirSheep

This is actually going too far lol don't actually do this ๐Ÿ˜‚ - BananaBrain

10 Tell them you like Miley Cyrus and Blood on the Dance Floor

Both are horrible music artists. Miley Cyrus is an awful singer and imagine liking Blood on the Dance Floor. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

They should get locked. - Caillou_is_awesome

The Contenders

11 Say you like Imagine Dragons

Quite sure, there's people that aren't metal "elitists" that dislike this band. I don't even listen to a lot of metal, and I'm not a fan of them. They're one of the laziest bands in existence, which proves that you can call yourself a "rock" band by doing the bare minimum. Calling them "rock" is a insult to rock music as a whole. Electro pop suites them more, they never were "Rock" in the first place, and never will be. Their music is negatively influencing bands, to sell out and become generic top 40 pop music.
Not all of pop music is generic, but the mainstream pop sorta is. Say what you want about Nickelback, but they at least have some variety. I can't find a tiny bit of variety, in this band at all. Natural is a pathetic attempt for them to be badass, that falls flat on its damn face. I can already tell that I triggered people, by writing this but oh well I don't care. - OnlyInDreams

I feel like this would offend more rock fans then metal fans but not all. - Soulstealer

Self explanatory. - Userguy44

What bands do Metal elitists despise?
Me: I imagine dragons. - RoseWeasley

12 Rant about elitists

Which I'm doing right now - BananaBrain

13 Tell them metal is satanic

Only a Moral Guardian/Soccer Mom would say this - ElSherlock


Nope - BorisRule

14 Yeet their concert tickets in the trash
15 Say that Die Antwoord is good

Die antwoord is good - BananaBrain

It's a really bad band. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

16 Make a list on why Tame Impala is better than Slayer

But Tame Impala is better than Slayer. - AlphaQ

17 Have a different opinion

Lol this is so true - AlphaQ

18 Tell them power metal isn't gay

Some elitists I've encountered think power metal is gay when it isn't. It is patrician and power metal musicians are extremely talented and patrician. Metal elitists are huge plebs. - PhoenixAura81

19 Say you like pop music
20 Tell them you like pop and metal.
21 Say that the Foo Fighters are metal.

Just a random example they seem to get annoyed by people not recognizing what metal is which is not really the worst thing about them. - Powell

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