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1 He killed his turtle

It was an accident, and if you're a meat eater you knowingly kill animals on a regular basis, so who's worse?

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2 His video '10 Things I hate about christians' was very offensive V 1 Comment
3 He disrespects religion

That's because religion is the cause of pretty much every war ever, and causes so much hate in the world.

4 He hates Asians

No he didn't the video about hating asian was a joke that shouldn't be taken seriously - lovingicecreams

Why do you think that? You know the video about hating Asians was a joke right?

In his defense, that was a joke, and the girl he did thatwith made a video of hating whites as a joke. - AnonymousChick

5 He hates video games

No he doesn't, where did you get that from?

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6 His videos are bad
7 He is ugly

That's not a good reason to hate somebody at all.

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8 He is offensive to everyone

I hate Onision. I hope he loses a lot of subs like Fine Bros. We'll all be happy except for his retarded fans who are blind as fak. - YouShallEatPoopy

9 He is overrated V 1 Comment
10 He is narcissistic

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11 He is hypocritical
12 He is condescending
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1. He filmed his wife having a seizure instead of calling the police
2. His video '10 Things I hate about christians' was very offensive
3. He killed his turtle



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