Top Ten Ways Parents Are Strict

I was born in a strict parent and i have to work instead of having fun when i try very hard to get a good life. My parents wouldn't let me go on computer and let me sleep very early. They keep asking me to get good grades....

Do you have a strict parent?

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They won't let you do anything

Story of my life here:

Me: can I ride this roller coaster?
Mom: no
Me: can I have a facebook?
Mom: no
Me: can I buy this with my own money?
Mom: no
Me: can I finish this before going to bed?
Mom: no

Everything I want to do, it's always 'No No No". SO ANNOYING! >:(

So true. I have no social media. :(

They wouldn't let you play video games

I'm allowed to play video games. I'm just not allowed to play them on school days.


They always ground you even if you try hard to behave

My mom yells at me for every minor thing I did wrong! >:(

They ask you to eat vegetables and if you don't eat them they wouldn't feed you again
They ask you to get all As

My parents think anything below an A is a bad grade

Especially if you're Asian

They wouldn't let you go to parties and celebrations

The only parties I can go to are celebrations with my cousins and family.

I've never been to a sleepover or any of my friends birthday parties. That's how strict my parents are.

My mom lets me; I just never get invited.

They can influence you to be mean

These are terrible parents if they would raise you in this way. They don’t know the definition of parenting. They shouldn’t even be allowed to raise kids.

They're basically thinking "Survival of the Fittest".

Rude teachers do this too.

They limited you to social media

I’m NOT ALLOWED to have any social media

I can’t have Snapchat for some reason

They demand constant control over your electronics

My mom thinks she owns my phone just because she bought it with her own money. SMH

My parents used to do this, but they don’t anymore. Doesn’t change the fact that it was annoying when they took control over my devices. If they would still demand control over my phone and see that I have a TTT account, I’d probably be forced to delete it, so thank god I have full responsibilities over my devices. - Userguy44

My parents won’t let me use my phone because “the screen is too small and I’ll go blind from it” and won’t let me use the iPad all the time because “I’ll go blind for it and it’s a waste of my time”. But what do THEY do? Play with their iPads and go on their phones ALL DAY LONG!

They get mad over the slightest things

Got in trouble for laying on my bed for 30 minutes. It's sad, man.

Once I dropped an item and my parents got mad at me for being clumsy :(

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They have high expectations

I used to get in trouble since I got a B. I talked with my mother, and now she allows me to get A's and B's.

My parents make me get all A’s, earn the high honor roll, and take honors classes

(We're Asian)
Me: I got 90% on my test
Mom: that's OK. You can do better, though.

My parents are Asian and once they got mad at me over a B+ on a test. A B+!

They get mad at you whenever you try to protest

I can relate to this so much. This literally happened infinitely times between me and my mom. Whenever we get in a discussion or fight, I’m not allowed to say anything, I just need to shut my mouth. Even the slightest words are seen as matter of protest and insult. Really, like I have a right to react back. As much I as like my mom, this annoyed me a lot. - Userguy44

At Disneyland 2015:
Me: can I ride Star Tours, the Haunted Mansion, and Space Mountain?
Mom: No: we will ride Casey Jr and It's a Small World instead
Me: But mom, I don't want to!
Mom: You are riding with me and that's final!
Me: but-
My Sister: JUST DO IT! >:(
Me: Fine! >:(

They do not give you any freedom

I am an adult, and my overprotective parents will not allow me to buy stuff with my own money OR leave the house unsupervised >:(

I can't even paint my nails! I have to wait until I'm 16! 16!

My parents literally give me no freedom at all - Nic427

They don't want you post anything on social media

I don't even have ANY of these accounts

I was sharing my mean teacher and my mother wanted me to delete that post I told her NO! She do it now and I did deleted that. - Bikerninja1997

Yet they post stuff on facebook ALL THE IME

They enforce bedtimes and curfews even when you’re not a kid anymore

When I was in high school my mom made me go to bed at 9 PM and whenever we go to family parties my mom won’t let us stay after 10 or 11 PM

They force you to study all day, every day

Studying for school is important of course. However, doing it literally all day, every day is a bit too much. That’s like eating up all of your free time. - Userguy44

My dad makes me write essays 25/8

My parents are Asian and they think that anything that’s not academic is considered a waste of my time and they not only make me review during the school year and weekends (even if there’s a break or it’s the weekend), they also want me to study ahead for the upcoming school year/semester over the summer.

They are over protective

My mom would not let me stay home alone until I was 13 and I wasn’t allowed to ride my bike alone when I was in middle school. My parents always made me trick or treat with them, even as a TEENAGER

This really sucks. - Userguy44

My mom takes this up to eleven. She thinks that anything could hurt/kill me. For example I’m 26 and she will not let me cook because she thinks that I will burn the house down or something.

They say “no” to everything

So true

My mom says these all the time:
No roller coasters that go upside down
No social media
No YouTube
No earbuds
You can’t do this or that
No you can’t buy this
You can’t eat this

Very annoying.

They want you to do things their way

My parents are Asian and my mom believes in Asian superstitions she makes me go along to them even if I don’t agree with them because if I don’t agree with them, she gets mad at me.

They force the older child to do chores

I'm 26 and I have to do chores. My sister is 19 and she doesn't have to do any chores at all.

I’m 15 and my parents make me clean the whole house - Nic427

They supervise everything that you do

My parents still Trick or Treat with me, EVEN THOUGH I’M A FREAKING TEENAGER! - Nic427

They want to know everything that you're doing at all times
They want to know wherever you are at all times

My parents have a tracking device on their phone and they always make me text them whenever I go places. It’s not like I’m going to skip class and take drugs >:(

They limit play time

Once on a 4 hr flight to Vegas:

Me: (plays with iPad for 2 hrs straight)
Mom: Put your iPad away
Me: (bored for the next 2 hours)

I have like less then one hour of play time. Everyone in my school gets like two hours or more, my teacher says mine is very equal, when it’s literally a sign that you have strict parents!

They punish you

My parents take away my phone a lot

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