Top Ten Ways Parents Are Strict

I was born in a strict parent and i have to work instead of having fun when i try very hard to get a good life. My parents wouldn't let me go on computer and let me sleep very early. They keep asking me to get good grades....

Do you have a strict parent?

The Top Ten

1 They won't let you do anything
2 They wouldn't let you play video games
3 They always ground you even if you try hard to behave
4 They ask you to get all A's

Esp when Mom is a professor and dad is a scientist :/ - Ananya

Especially if you're Asian

5 They ask you to eat vegetables and if you don't eat them they wouldn't feed you again
6 They wouldn't let you go to parties and celebrations

They let me to, but I often have to look like a zombie princess (you know, wearing make up and and an ugly dress) - FireWasp2004

I've never been to a sleepover or any of my friends birthday parties. That's how strict my parents are. - Pegasister12

It's the opposite. My Dad FORCES me to go to parties because they're for his girlfriend's friends. I hate them. - NikBrusk

My mom lets me; I just never get invited.

7 They can influence you to be mean

Rude teachers do this too.

8 They limited you to social media

My dear, even at 24, my ex-army father does this. - Britgirl

9 They get mad over the slightest things

Once I dropped an item and my parents got mad at me for being clumsy :(

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