Top Ten Ways People Prove They Don't Know What a Mary Sue Is

Some people accuse characters that arn't Mary Suesas a mary sue. They obvoiusly don't know what a mary sue is.

The Top Ten Ways People Prove They Don't Know What a Mary Sue Is

1 They say that their OC is perfectly fine when it's a mary sue

Yeah, correction, perfectly “perfect”

2 They accuse Warriors characters (besides Jessy) of being Mary Sues

I see a lot of people call Dovewing or Spottedleaf a mary sue. They are not, you can't even make up 10 reasons why they are a sue.Jessy is a sue,she was a quick learner and had guys gunning after her, that's probably a lie, but its close enough.If you made a list why any cat was a sue, yes, including Jessy,most of them would be made up - SeeU

3 They call a human a mary sue/gary stu

What if they want to call the character Mary Sue but not in personality. Gary Stu would be a strange name for a character though.

4 They say a character is not a sue/stu when you give good reasons that they are

I still haven't done it but I'm pretty sure people will say that the character isn't a sue. I'm sure the character is a sue because I've read enough books about her to know that she's one.

5 They list at least 10 things to prove that it's a sue/stu and most things are made up
6 They say that Jessy (Warriors) is not a Mary Sue
7 They say your OC is a Sue/Stu when it might be a borderline, anti, or normal OC
8 They make stuff up about the character saying these are reasons they are mary sues/gary stus
9 They call a character they haven't gotten to know enough a sue/stu
10 They accuse (these chars. specifically) Dovewing, SpottedLeaf, and Lionblaze of being a sue/stu

Meanwhile they love Firestar, Jessy, and Jayfeather and call them non-sues

The Contenders

11 They call characters they hate mary sues

Example sakura from naruto or serena from pokemon, when it should be characters like chloe carmicheal from the fop - BoyGenius234

12 They say Kirito isn't a Mary Sue
13 They call a character a Sue/Stu and then proceed to list their flaws
14 Usually they think any character with Anxiety, Insecurities, etc. is seeking attention.
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