Top Ten Ways People Prove They Don't Know What a Mary Sue Is

Some people accuse characters that arn't Mary Suesas a mary sue. They obvoiusly don't know what a mary sue is.

The Top Ten

1 They say that their OC is perfectly fine when it's a mary sue

Person: Her name is Dreamsparkle, and she is purple with a rainbow tail and wings! She is part of a prophecy to save everyone and like 6 toms have a crush on her!
Me: That's totally a Mary Sue.
Person: No way! She's too perfect to be a Mary Sue!


Person: Her name is Blooddeath and her parents bullied her when she was a kit and sent her out of the Clans. Blooddeath became hated by everyone and she went out and killed cats. She became super dark and depressed and murdered tons of cats. Toms chase after her because she's so hawt.
Me: That's an Edgy Sue (my least favorite kind).
Person: What? How is she a Mary Sue?! She looks normal (except that one eye is red and the other's purple), and isn't anywhere near perfect! Pfft.. do you even know what a Mary Sue is? Idiot... Thinking my OC's a Mary Sue... - Emberflight_of_StormClan

2 They accuse Warriors characters (besides Jessy) of being Mary Sues

I see a lot of people call Dovewing or Spottedleaf a mary sue. They are not, you can't even make up 10 reasons why they are a sue.Jessy is a sue,she was a quick learner and had guys gunning after her, that's probably a lie, but its close enough.If you made a list why any cat was a sue, yes, including Jessy,most of them would be made up - SeeU

3 They call a human a mary sue/gary stu
4 They say a character is not a sue/stu when you give good reasons that they are
5 They list at least 10 things to prove that it's a sue/stu and most things are made up
6 They say that Jessy (Warriors) is not a Mary Sue
7 They say your OC is a Sue/Stu when it might be a borderline, anti, or normal OC
8 They make stuff up about the character saying these are reasons they are mary sues/gary stus
9 They call a character they haven't gotten to know enough a sue/stu
10 They accuse (these chars. specifically) Dovewing, SpottedLeaf, and Lionblaze of being a sue/stu

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11 They say Kirito isn't a Mary Sue
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