Top Ten Ways Peter Griffin Is a Better Dad Than Stan Smith

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1 Peter cares for his family

I think Stan is a better father than Peter, because Stan doesn't treat his family like crap unlike Peter

The person who made this list likes it when Peter Griffin abuses Meg. That just shows that Peter is a bad father.

Not really

Yeah right!

2 Stan is mean to Francine

Peter is also mean to Lois

3 Peter is funnier

I agree. Stan Smith is a whole lot more bigoted and sadistic than Peter.
For example on one episode he kept on scaring a Little Boy with a gun.

4 Peter actually loves Lois

Nope. Not really. Stan loves Francine more than Peter loves Lois.

5 Stan is mean to his whole family
6 Stan tried to kill Roger

The way how Stan tries to kill Roger is funny because Roger actually deserved it. But when Peter tried to kill Meg that's teenage abuse.

Sometimes Roger actually deserves it by Stan.

Peter tried to kill Meg.

7 Stan threatens to kill people to get what he wants
8 Peter has a better plot in his show

Does anyone outside of America understand American Dad?

9 Peter is nice

Yeah right would a nice person, get drunk, abuse their daughter, and treat their wife and family like trash? NOO

HECK NO! He’s such a horrible person

Stan can sometimes be rude to his own family, but at least he cares a lot better than Peter.

I want you to rethink this because how is Peter nice when he abuses his kids(mostly Meg). Peter is just a drunk and lazy father who only cares about himself. Homer Simpson may be drunk and braindead,but at least he has a heart and cares about his family.

10 Peter does awesome fights with the chicken

Stan has been an experience fighter for years compared to Peter. Plus Stan is in the C.I.A, Peter is not.

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11 Peter has better morals
12 He saved The Bartender

And it was fire there, The Bartender survived but Peter was blind but he would care!

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