Top 10 Ways Pictures of Home by Deep Purple is a Unique Song

I have said many times before that Deep Purple are the most underrated rock and metal band of all time. They have great and unique songs that need more attention.
Pictures Of Home was on the album Machine Head - a rock/metal classic that came out in 1972. I think this song is pretty unique (in the context of its era) and deserves a list.

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1 Pictures of Home has 5 solos (on each instrument of the band)

It contains drum, bass and keyboards solos + 2 guitar solos. Pretty unusual for 1972 (not that it's very typical as of today). Overall, this song demonstrates great songwriting and performing skills at all levels. - Metal_Treasure

2 There weren't many rock songs with 5 solos circa 1972

I played safe here - I actually haven't heard of another rock song from that era with 5 solos, moreover solos played on each instrument of the band. Maybe there were such songs written before this song, maybe not. I just haven't researched this yet. - Metal_Treasure

3 Despite these 5 solos, the song is very pleasant and even catchy

When I first heard it I played it several times in a row. - Metal_Treasure

4 There weren't many rock songs with bass solos circa 1972

Great job Roger Glover! I like the bassline of the entire song and not only the solo. - Metal_Treasure

5 The 5 solos are very well connected and don't sound like patches
6 This song has 2 guitar solos

It doesn't sound as mindblowing as 5 solos but still - even songs with 2 guitar solos weren't typical back then. - Metal_Treasure

7 The song starts with a drum solo

This wasn't the most typical intro for the music of that era. And the drum solo/intro is pretty energetic and I would say even aggressive. - Metal_Treasure

8 This song has one of the coolest rhythms in rock music
9 It's not a dance song but you can dance to it

This is possible thanks to it's cool rhythm and the fact Deep Purple don't slow down even during the solos. - Metal_Treasure

10 It's not a metal song but you can headbang to it

You shouldn't expect some extreme headbanging from this song but headbanging is possible (not very high on this list because there are other non-metal songs you can headbang to, but it's still surprising). - Metal_Treasure

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11 The song has a remarkably pleasant riff

I didn't put this item very high because everyone expects good riffs from Ritchie Blackmore and this isn't a surprise or something unusual for this band. - Metal_Treasure

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