Best Ways to Piss Off Canadians

The Top Ten Best Ways to Piss Off Canadians

1 Act Like America Invented Everything

Yep. As a Canadian myself, that really gets to me. ;-)

Haha! A couple of my favourite TopTenners are Canadian. I shouldn't laugh but this list is genius! I hope they see the funny side if and when they read this little lot! Haha! Sorry... - Britgirl

2 Make Played Out Jokes About Canadian Accents
3 Make Fun of How Late Canada Gets Stuff
4 Make Fun of Toronto
5 Make Fun of Drake
6 Be a Giant Blowhard Doofus
7 Ask Condescending Questions About Canada
8 Pretend a Celebrity Isn't Canadian

But acknowledge the fact that Justin Bieber is Canadian.

It's OK provided the celebrity is Justin Bieber. - beatles

9 Cut Them to Their Very Core
10 Have a Strong Critique of Canadian Politics

The Contenders

11 Have Cutting Insights About Canadian Culture
12 Say They Are Afraid of the Dark
13 Ask if They Know Your Cousin Who Lives in Saskatoon
14 Twerk
15 Pretend You Don't Know What Canada Is
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