Top Ten Ways to Plump Up Your Lips Without Surgery


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1 Pucker-pose and hope the wind changes

Saw a blonde kissin' on a bee hive, once. Didn't end well. And for weeks after, the bees just sat around braiding each other's antennae and complaining that horizontal stripes made their butts look big.

Whoever added this...thank you. It's very funny. - Britgirl

2 Cry

My lips are naturally plump but when I cry, they swell even more and make my eyes greener than they are. The only downfall is that your nose will probably swell too. Still, if you don't mind that look, go ahead. Cry your little heart out. - Britgirl

3 Get your boy/girlfriend to bite your lips

This was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the list title. - Metal_Treasure

Effective and feels so nice in the process - Britgirl

4 Rub them with sandpaper

Oh my god lol Who would do this? - Ananya

5 Use waxing strips

Painful but effective and also gets rid of any naughty stray upper lip hair too! - Britgirl

For some of us, it'd be like waxing a yak.

6 Rub salt on them
7 Give yourself a slap in the mouth
8 Repeatedly say "you"

You may sound daft but who cares, eh? - Britgirl

9 Use your lipliner to draw a faint line around the outside of your lips
10 Pray

Well, all else fails, there's always the power of prayer isn't there? You can live in hope... - Britgirl

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11 Eat a lot of marshmallows
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