Top Ten Ways Pokemon X and Y Is Easy


The Top Ten

1 The Roster
2 The Gym Leaders
3 Trading Pokemon Is Easy
4 The Elite Four
5 Trainer Battles
6 Easy to Catch the Legendaries
7 Easily Beat the Game
8 Rival Battling
9 Exp. Share

You get a level up! You get a level up! Everybody gets a level up!

I played through the game a second time without the exp share and it was still easy. I hope they at least put more effort into some difficulty for Sun and Moon. AT least combat the exp by giving us a ridiculously high leveled elite four or give important trainers really powerful pokemon. Gladion already has type: null/Silvally which is like bastardized clone(s) of arceus so giving more strong pokemon to balance difficulty where it's not too hard or easy would be possible. - Ruee

I have good news for you without giving major Spoilers about Sun and Moon. The EXP share was nerved and the game is a lot more challenging than XY. Like... A LOT MORE CHALLENGING. - Ruee

Whoa... I can't wait for a more challenging Pokemon game. The only main series Pokemon game that really challenged me was Pokemon Black, so I'm hoping Pokemon Sun will really put my skills to the test. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

10 The Champion
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