Top 10 Ways to Predict a Song is the Best of Its Album Without Listening to It

We all have our favorite song from an album but sometimes you can predict which song out of the ones in the album is the best. Now this list is not saying that these assumptions are gonna be 100% true because sometimes what you thought was gonna be the best of the album turned out to be one of the worst or the worst of the album this list is predictions that may or may not be your pick for best song.

The Top Ten

1 Its length

This mostly applies to Progressive Rock/Metal and Power Metal Genres but sometimes the best song of an album can be the longest song,

Iced Earth's Dante's Inferno is the longest song on Burnt Offerings and it was the best song on that album. - christangrant

2 The lyrics

You don't need to listen to the song to look at the lyrics.

Most albums come with a thing that has all the songs lyrics however this depends on your definition of "good" lyrics but remember you also need a "good" instrumental/beat/ Rhythm/whatever the hell you call it, a song could have great lyrics but a terrible instrumental. Plus some people prefer instrumentals over lyrics so... - christangrant

3 It's the same title as the album it's on

These are Title Tracks these are songs named after albums (or sometimes the other way around) and most of the time the title track is the best or one of the best songs from the album so this would be one to consider being the best. - christangrant

4 It's chosen as a single

If it's chosen as a single it could mean 1 of two things

1. it's a very poppy mainstream song (usually not the best song for me)
2. it's the best song from the album - christangrant

5 Its title

A song with a unique and creative title is usally better than a song with a more generic title.

Its also a way to predict if a song is the worst of its album. - christangrant

6 Its the only song that gets praise off the album

Meaning people only like this certian song and dislike all the other ones. - christangrant

7 It is considered the band's best song

This counts too for Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen - waldo

Example: Painkiller by Judas Priest is consdidered their best song and it's the best of it's album (it's also a title track) - christangrant

8 It's an opener or closer
9 A lot of other people consider it the best song on the album

Again this is not always true but if a certain song gets lots of praise off the album it might just be the best - christangrant

10 It's number one on a list

This isn't always true but it can be. - christangrant

The Contenders

11 It's considered one of the best songs of all time
12 It's the most well known song

This item is last place because this is a bad assumption, being the most popular sometimes it can be the best, But for me most of the time it isn't - christangrant

13 It's by a artist you like

This applies to albums with songs from multiple artists most likely your favorite song is probably the one you like the most - christangrant

14 It's used in movies, TV shows, video games, etc.
15 It has received critical acclaim
16 Its a re-record of a song you have heard before

Sometimes artists rerecord songs which most of the time they fix things like production and may have a different line then what they had when they first made the song - christangrant

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