Top 10 Ways to Prevent Self-Harm

You guys are all amazing people, and I hate the thought that anyone could be suffering in silence, and I've been there before, so I made this list to help you.

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1 Draw a butterfly where you want to hurt yourself

If you draw a butterfly or something else, I've heard that it can be a very good solution. If you are suffering please, don't be afraid to reach out to someone. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. - Ninja_Potato123

I'm gonna try this, thanks bud - SansTheComic

2 Watch your favourite show or movie

A great thing to do when you're depressed is just unwinding and getting into a great movie or T.V. show. Whether it's a Disney marathon or a SpongeBob marathon, it's nice to relax. Please stay safe - Ninja_Potato123

3 Do something you love

It doesn't matter if it's drawing, writing or browsing TheTop10s for hours on end, you need to get your mind onto something you love! I like sleeping. - Ninja_Potato123

4 Be with someone you love

It's always helpful to be with someone who has a positive influence on your life. Especially from those who love you. - Ninja_Potato123

Yea! I really agree with that! - LyricsThatSing

5 Listen to music

Music is a great connection to your soul, and it can calm you down and can be a lot of fun. It doesn't matter if it's 80s Pop or Dubstep, music is a great thing. - Ninja_Potato123

6 Eat some delicious food

Food can be good, but don't binge eat. Many depressed individuals lose all appetite. I'm sorry for this item. I ran out of ideas. - Ninja_Potato123

7 Take a long, hot shower

A shower can be a great thing. Helps you get clean, calming, the place where you'll get lots of great ideas and get a chance to relax. Go have some fun. Put on your favourite tunes and go! - Ninja_Potato123

8 Talk about it to someone you love

Talking about your problems can be hard, but it's not good to bottle up your feelings. It is not only emotionally toxic, but can make you physically sick too... - Ninja_Potato123

9 Hugs, hugs and more hugs

Hugs, what more is there to say? - Ninja_Potato123

10 Use body protectors

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11 Take a break into your imagination

Explore your deepest thoughts, create new fantasy worlds or replay some good memories. My imagination is my safe-haven. Take a trip sometime - Ninja_Potato123

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