Top 10 Ways Princess Daisy Can Get Better

Please don't add bad things like killing her, that's way too far.

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1 Get a better voice actor

Her voice actress is fine, she just need to scream only when is really necessary. - DaisyandRosalina

I would like for Daisy to have a calm voice her current one is just awful.

I like her voice. I think it's just fine - bugger

2 Not make her scream as much

Making Daisy scream less would just leave a big hole in her extroverted personality.

Well yes but she need to scream sometimes, it's a part of her tomboyish personality. - DaisyandRosalina

3 Make her more tomboyish

Canonize her farting. People want Princess Daisy farting in tight jeans!

People think shes a poser.

I agree.

She is but nedds more tomboy, agreed! - Julieta

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4 Not make her so conceited

Not so much conceited, every character is. - DaisyandRosalina

5 Change her outfit

They should keep the colours but give her a more tomboyish dress (if possible)

I like her yellow and orange dress. They are better colors than pink - bugger

Agree, an oriental dress based on flowers can be really cool. - DaisyandRosalina

6 Make her rival Rosalina

If that happens, then I'm going back to Playstation - ParkerFang

No, the Princess wars are already bad enough. - Rue

NO! This will make the fighting 10 times worse!


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7 Make her calmer

She's supposed to be hyper and load.

She is supposed to be an energetic princess. - DCfnaf

8 Get a better fanbase

Ugh yes. They always bash other female because they're too girly - yunafreya648

Fanbases are TOTALLY replaceable lol - Qryzx

This - DaisyandRosalina


They get SO defensive towards Daisy - ParkerFang

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9 Change her hair again

I personally think they should make it an inch longer. But not too much so she will lose her personality.

But her hair is pretty! - DaisyandRosalina

10 Give her different abilities

That flower thing really doesn't fit her. Maybe she could have the power of nature?

No, her flower abilites are fine. She have flower abilites because of her origins, well the story is pretty long watch the video 'Daisy is AWESOME! ' on YouTube.

Her double jump is not that good.

Flowers are good enough - ParkerFang

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11 Make more appearances


That would be great - ParkerFang

Yes. - DaisyandRosalina

Yes please

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12 Have her own game
13 Be in a main Mario game

And make her rival Peach.

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