Top Ten Ways Princess Daisy Is Better Than Marilyn Monroe

It's time to ruin the classics! The classics are worst than the modern times! Modern > Classic
I'm the person who made the list Worst Things About Marilyn Monroe.

The Top Ten Ways Princess Daisy Is Better Than Marilyn Monroe

1 She's Hotter

Princess Daisy is way Hotter than Marilyn Monroe! Marilyn Monroe is ugly!

Princess Daisy doesn't have to dress like a whore to be hot!

2 She Has a Better Husband

Luigi is better than all of Monroe's Husbands she has. Marilyn got divorced by every husbands for cheating.

Daisy isn't married - ParkerFang

3 She's Smarter

Marilyn Monroe is dumb! Daisy is not!

4 She's More Modern

Modern Girls are hotter than classic girls!

5 She's Stronger

She can knock out Bowser and Marilyn Monroe can't at all!

6 She's Nicer

This is why I love Princess Daisy far more than Marilyn Monroe.

She nicer to people than Monroe. Marilyn Monroe was rude!

7 She Never Cheats

I don't like Marilyn Monroe, but maybe she didn't cheat on all of her husbands. She was testing to see who's the right husband for her. But anyway, I like Princess Daisy a lot better.

Marilyn Monroe cheats all the time when guys don't want sex but Daisy never do that.

8 She Doesn't Kill Herself

Suicide is hurtful!

Marilyn Monroe did it and Daisy did not!

It's sad that she did it. You guys are heartless - ParkerFang

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