Top Ten Ways Princess Peach Is Weak

The Top Ten Ways Princess Peach Is Weak

1 Kidnapped All the Time

Her security is a bunch of little mushroom people (called Toad, I know that! )! No wonder!

Do you need an overused reason for your list? I said this before in a few other lists; "the plot isn't just about peach, and Mario and/or Luigi and other characters are involved too". - Qryzx

This list doesn’t even have 10 reasons. I call that a weak and lying list. - Videogamesgal

And, FYI, there isn't even 10 reasons for this list. - Qryzx

2 Her Smash Moves

The Smash Brothers franchise isn't a canon franchise. Do you mean her Smash attacks from that game? - Qryzx

Um... What?!

3 She Is In the Technique Category Mostly

Dude that's Mario Tennis. A SPINOFF. - Qryzx

4 Her Batting Skills Are Weak

Again, she knocked a heavy reptile into the sky with a PARASOL.
She has a wide variety of attacks and magic spells.
Her Attacks:
The standard slaps, punches and kicks (along with her Bottom/Peach Blossom); Her Crown; Toad (counter tool);...
Her Magic:
Floating; Hearts (attack); Healing (from RPG);... - Qryzx

5 Didn't Beat Up Bowser

Look at the ending of Super Princess Peach. She hits Bowser (a heavy reptile FYI), and it wasn't just a poke. She literally knocked him into the sky. - Qryzx

6 She Can't Do Sports

She is in every Mario sports game and has almost been playable in every one. - Videogamesgal

Invalid point, as she is playable in Mario Strikers (Soccer), Mario Golf, Tennis, and even boxing. - Qryzx

7 She's Lazy

Lazy? How? It's possible she's captured right after she gets back and she doesn't have enough time to react and stop him? - Qryzx

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