Top Ten Ways Princess Tutu Differs from Other Magical Girl Animes

We all know about how Madoka Magica is a literal deconstruction and is very successful while those that try to copy it aren't as great, but what about Princess Tutu? How does it differ from the typical magical girl anime that people stereotype all magical animes as? A lot of ways actually. Princess Tutu is very unique anime and should not be underestimated by how it appears before watching it.

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1 It's not what it looks like

What I mean by that is you would think it's your typical magical girl anime, but in reality takes a much darker and unique turn than you would expect. Like Madoka Magica (not as dark as Madoka Magica), but strays from the Magical Girl anime formula a lot more without being presented as a deconstruction. - Ruee

Most people don't watch this anime because of it's name. People think that it's a story for small kids. But it's not. It's a great anime. I watched it and re-watched so many times! I love Princess Tutu! - ToukaKirishima

By the way try to not let the girliness and the anime title stray you from watching the anime. you will most likely be missing out on an amazing anime. it's actually very beloved for how it handles itself. It's honestly something we might not see again in the magical girl genre handled like Princess Tutu that isn't a deconstruction of the genre. - Ruee

2 It can be dark without being a deconstruction of the magical girl genre

You think the only magical girl animes that can have dark themes are deconstructions? Princess Tutu says no to that. - Ruee

3 The story line and motives are based on a fictional book within the show

Characters literally coming out of a story book that a deceased man has wrote, that said story book being a major aspect of the show, talking animals being something that's normal, and other things. It's actually very interesting. The book the story is based on is also a dark fairy tale fantasy. - Ruee

4 The character who grants the main character her magical powers is not a cute animal, but a deceased old man that can be consider antagonistic

It sounds kinda creepy how I explained it, but it's actually kinda funny when you see it. - Ruee

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5 Main character who's a magical girl isn't a human, but a duck

The cute animal isn't the character who grants her powers, she is literally the cute animal who can turn into a human with her magical powers. - Ruee

6 The main character turns into a princess ballet dancer who's motives is based on helping a prince regain his emotions

Many stories revolves around a prince saving a princess, not in this one. - Ruee

7 The main character solves problems by dancing instead of fighting

Resolving things tends to revolve around pacifist ideals, however, do let that think that this show can't have dark and mature things for the children's anime it is. - Ruee

8 The ending isn't necessarily good for the main character

I'm going to try to explain this without too much spoilers. if you want to go into princess tutu without knowing this, ignore this comment.

It's not similar to Madoka Magica's (the anime, not the Rebellion movie) term of being bittersweet. It's literally something that instead of the main character getting the happy ending she deserves, it's *COUGH* someone else that does who suggestively does not deserve it. I won't go into more detail because of spoilers. But you should get what I meant by that. - Ruee

9 The results of the romantic pairing canon is also not something you would expect

Again SPOILERS but hopefully that makes sense. There will be a lot of things that you won't see coming in this show. And oh, if you want an anime with romance, Princess Tutu has romantic themes to it. - Ruee

10 It's a very fresh magical girl anime for its time and even today

It's so unique and does it's own thing while still being a magical girl anime to the point we may never see an anime done like this ever again in the magical girl genre. (I know others try to be different by being a deconstruction but that is mostly because they are trying to be as successful and Madoka Magica, but that won't happen) - Ruee

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11 the Ballet theme feels realistic
12 It can be considered to be a theater production in the form of an anime
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