Top 10 Ways to Punish Peppa Pig for Her Actions

Does anybody notice that Peppa Pig never get punished for her actions such as being bossy, rude, a spoiled brat and so on. Peppa really needs to get punished very badly and she needs to be taught a lesson that she will never forget. For her punishment she needs to be forced to do the following things in this list and that why I made a list of The Top 10 Ways To Punish Peppa Pig For Her Actions. Feel free to put in your own ideas and thoughts into my list if you all like to.

The Top Ten

1 Force Her To Cancel Her Show

All these punishments sound like something a go! animate video would do but I agree. Peppa pig sucks. She is the worst show I have ever seen. Even worse than dora the explorer( and yes I hate dora but peppa pig is even worse.) I hope the show dies forgotten.

2 She Gets Her Head Chopped Off

And after that her head gets hanged on the wall

3 She Gets Cooked In The Oven

I love to eat anything pig and peppa pig sucks so I wish this would happen.

4 Tell Daddy Pig To Smack Her In The Bottom For Always Calling Him Fat
5 Force Her To Get Annoyed By Dora The Explorer
6 Force Her To Listen To Justin Bieber's Baby
7 Tell Her Friends And Family To Ditch Peppa
8 Tell Barney The Dinosaur To Eat Her
9 Force Her to Watch Boku no Pico
10 Force Her To Babysit Caillou

The Contenders

11 Force Her To Get Rid Of Her Movie Out Of The Cinemas
12 Force Her to Watch Ratatoing 20 Times in a Row
13 Akumatize her
14 Put her inside an iron maiden
15 Make her eat nails
16 Feed her concrete disguised as milk
17 Shove a bomb down her throat
18 Make her eat all the disgusting food in the school cafeteria
19 Give Her a Pill to Shut Her Up or Make Her a Mute
20 Run her over
21 Punch her
22 Yell "Blue shell!" At her
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