Top Ten Ways Rainbow Dash is a Bully

Sadly, you don't get to choose if your a bully or not.

The Top Ten

1 She slapped Applejack in 'Fall Weather Friends'

How about you shut the heck up about Rainbow Dash forever, TwilightKitsune?

She killed an Akita, TwilightKitsune!

GamerBoy! You need to grown up! Leave TwilightKitsune alone! - ChatNoirFan18

TwilightKitsune bitches too much. It's me again.

2 She made Fluttershy cry for not being good at sports
3 She called Twilight an egghead

Really grasping at straws aren't you?

4 She threw things at Twilight when Twilight was trying to help her pass a test
5 She screamed at a Crystal pony

Who FKN cares, I still like Rainbow Dash.

6 She threw things at Applejack just to win a race
7 She was mean to Scootaloo

Objectively wrong. She's never been mean to Scootaloo.

8 She yelled at Fluttershy
9 She likes Justin Bieber

When was this said? - RoseWeasley

Also, liking JB doesn't make you a bully. I know someone who likes him and she's not a bully! - RoseWeasley

She has a similar attitude to him though - Neonco31

That is so true, I always thought Rainbow Dash acted kind of like Justin Bieber, and I even said that she would probably like him. I bet Rainbow Dash is secretly a fan of Justin Bieber.

10 She yelled at Pinkie Pie

The Contenders

11 She yelled at Rarity
12 She made Fluttershy Constipated
13 She yelled at Sunset shimmer
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