Top Ten Ways Rainbow Dash is Not Loyal

For Rainbow Dash fans:This list is made for haters. So please don't read this list just to troll people with stuff like "Rainbow Dash is awesome! How dare you say something like that?!" Because this list is for Dash haters only. All comments that disrespect opinions will be flagged
I dedicate this list to:TwilightKitsune and everyone who finds Rainbow Dash annoying

The Top Ten

1 She bailed on her friends for the wonderbolts

Thanks for dedicating this list to me soul sister. - TwilightKitsune

2 She doesn't act like a good friend at all
3 She disrespects her friends

This is what bothers me the most about her. Thank you for making this list, MLPFan!

4 She points out her friends' flaws too much
5 She brags
6 The fact she wouldn't care If her friends are insane
7 She calls her friends names
8 If someone calls her names, she gets angry about It
9 She befriended a mean griffon and joined the mean griffon over her friends

Ok, I dislike RD a lot. But this point simply isn't true. See the episode Griffon the Brush Off. By the end, she chooses her friends over Gilda.

10 She eavesdropped on Twilight

She would never know what loyalty really is even if a dictionary slapped her with it.

The Contenders

11 She cheated in a race

She didn't

12 She abandoned Rarity in the desert
13 She complains if she loses
14 She eavesdropped on Applejack
15 She abandoned Pinkie Pie in the desert
16 She makes fun of people behind their backs
17 She backbites
18 She Acts Like a Crybaby
19 She nearly traded Fluttershy for a book
20 She gets upset if she loses
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1. She bailed on her friends for the wonderbolts
2. She doesn't act like a good friend at all
3. She disrespects her friends



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