Top Ten Ways To Reach 1000 Lists on TheTopTens

In the honor that this is my 1,000th list, I would suggest a few ideas to reach this awesome No. of lists.

The Top Ten

1 Having Passion to Research What Is the Best

There are times now you can do different types of lists from one you can vote, and now a more fact list where all you can do is comment, and basically react to it. Yet coming up with lists as a whole comes with having to know of each item specifically. - htoutlaws2012

I always research my topic before making the list - bobbythebrony

If you don't have this, the chances are minimal to reach 1000 list - MatrixGuy

I have 140 lists. So I have to make 860 more lists to reach 1000 - EpicJake

2 Making All Kind of Lists

Its great to have a more well known background of yourself whether than very little likes, and dislikes unfound. - htoutlaws2012

I don't think I'll ever reach 1,000 lists. I only have 56 but its really hard to think of ideas. But I really wish I did. - cosmo

1000 lists are a lot of lists so it is better to make all kind of lists to have more possibilities - MatrixGuy

I do this as I'm kinda good at it - bobbythebrony

3 Making Sure That You Like What Are You Doing

I do thank you very much MG! - htoutlaws2012

Because if you don't you'll end up bored about your work and quit eventually - MatrixGuy

I've made 40 lists so far and I've been here for almost two months? - Alpha101

4 Having Some Years as a TheTopTens User

6 years baby! Still going strong! - htoutlaws2012

I believe that is better to have some years behind because if you're hurry you'll rush you're lists and that will not have a great result - MatrixGuy

I have 32 lists and I've been here since March 2014. - funnyuser

This is going to take a while. A 1,000, wow! - Arcxia

5 Having Respect to the Other Users

Sometimes you must be careful on how you want to have the attention spotlight on you. In this case you must know you're community very well. - htoutlaws2012

If you don't show this you will not get this neither and you will not feel comfortable here, you can gain this by not accusing and fencing anybody - MatrixGuy

6 Have a Huge Amount of Creativity

I know a select few who have brought up great innovative name titles to their lists that nobody else would of ever thought would work. - htoutlaws2012

Yeah I agree - Arcxia

Once I had no idea what to make a list off but I just made one and it actually had tons of views and comments - simpsondude

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1. Having Passion to Research What Is the Best
2. Making Sure That You Like What Are You Doing
3. Making All Kind of Lists
1. Having Passion to Research What Is the Best
2. Making All Kind of Lists
3. Making Sure That You Like What Are You Doing



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