Top 10 Ways to Recognise a Witch

During the 1600s, many women in Europe and America were accused of being witches. One of the most common ways of telling if a woman was a witch was to bind her right thumb to her left toe and throw her in a river. If she floated, she would be found guilty and executed. If she sank, she would be found innocent, but of course she died anyway.

Witches dress and look just like normal women. A witch might even live next door to you, or work in your local shop, or be the headmistress of your school. Luckily, there are ways to spot a witch. Here is a list of some ways to spot a witch.

Also, this list is a joke.

The Top Ten Ways to Recognise a Witch

1 They wear gloves because they have claws that need hiding.

The gloves worn by witches are extremely different from human gloves, so you will be able to easily find out. She may take the extra mile of precaution by hiding her gloves in her clothes or something, which you have to watch out for - styLIShT

Don't you see what you're finding?
I have claws in hiding.

2 They have larger nose holes than ordinary people.

If you mention this to her, instead of getting insecure and flustered, she will boldly tell you to ignore it. - styLIShT

3 They are bald and wear wigs.

This, or one of those weird pointy hats that you see in movie witches. But actual witches are probably smart enough to wear good sturdy wigs. - styLIShT

4 They have blue spit.

You could stick your finger inside her mouth and see if your finger is blue. If it's blue, you'll be attacked by her witchcraft, if it's colourless, she's a human and you'd probably get slapped in the face. - styLIShT

5 They don't have toes, so they have to wear wide shoes with square ends.

All witches should be smart enough to conceal this, some high-end witches would perfectly conceal this with long capes and other material like fake toes. - styLIShT

6 The black dot in the middle of their eyes changes colour from fire to ice.

This depends on the witch's emotions. But this kinda stuff doesn't happen to normal people, so you could mess with her emotions to see if the black dot in the middle of her eye changes colour or not - styLIShT

7 They cannot feel the prick of a pin.

Just sneak up a bobby pin on any of their exposed skin that is not easily visible in her vision range, because if she sees you pricking her, she'd act as if she's in pain. - styLIShT

8 They aren't flustered or afraid when they are called a witch.

Yes, they go commando on you once their identity is on the verge of getting exposed, it doesn't matter if you do it in the presence of a crowd or not. She will make sure to destroy the person who exposed their identity, even if it means her death - styLIShT

9 They have unusual marks on their body.

They are usually smart enough to conceal the marks, but some of them might be a little loose in the head and give it away - styLIShT

10 A member of her family is thought to be a witch.

There is a 69% chance that this person is a witch even if one of their family member is thought of being a witch. The probability regarding this matter is relatively high and oddly specific. - styLIShT

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11 They have green skin
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