Top Ten Ways the Regular Show is Better Than Teen Titans Go!


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1 More adventures

Yes! Totally agree'd - Neonco31

Each episode is nearly entirely diffrent RS is way better - BorisRule

No way Adventure time is better than Regular Show.AT WAS THE BEST SHOW EVER. AT IS PERFECTEST SHOW EVER.

2 Regular Show deserves a movie

The movie was very good. TTG doesn't deserve it! - BorisRule

If RS was a movie.i would watch it.i love rs - leafstar

3 RS has WAY more seasons than TTG

Because it came out when CNReal ended - BorisRule


4 CGI and better plot: even it's easy to understand

TTG has bad animation!
While Regular Show is best Cartoon Network show ever - BorisRule

5 Running gags like "YOU'RE FIRED" are in every episode

I love these running gags - BorisRule

And "My Mom" jokes - BorisRule

6 More original

Regular Show is 100% original while TTG is dumb remade - BorisRule

7 More fun

LOL Jokes on RS are funnier than TTG - BorisRule

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8 Regular Show has way more fans than Teen Titans Go!

It's my favorite show - BorisRule

9 Regular Show makes you feel smarter while TTG makes you more stupid

It's not really educational show, but morals from that show can help you - BorisRule

Because of morals! RS morals are extremely important! - BorisRule

Life lessons of Regular show - BorisRule

10 Mordecai and Rigby could even help you to be better rapper

That is similar to PPG from 1998 series to tell you to not talk to strangers. (Barney says "a stranger is a friend you haven't met" and "always do what people say") - BorisRule

While TTG help you to be worst person. - BorisRule

Thanks to that blue jay and brown raccon I could rap better, even though they are just fiction charatcers - BorisRule

Even Clarence is better than Teen Titans Go. Clarence may be a bad show, but some characters are likeable for me
Clarence: Dumb
Jeff: Smart
Sumo: Hillaous.
At least it has a story. TTG hasnt got a story - BorisRule

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11 Teen Titans Go is a ripoff of Regular Show

I agree - BorisRule

12 Margaret is cuter than Starfire

Even through Margaret is terrible, but Starfire from TTG is worse. - BorisRule

13 Regular Show teaches how to be cool by cussing

And what's the problem when 11 year olds cussing? - BorisRule

14 Regular Show is more colorful

Even through RS is dull, still is very good cartoon. - BorisRule

15 Skips is much stronger than Robin

Skips can smash Robin in one punch! - BorisRule

16 Regular Show is not a baby show

Agreed! Regular Show is mature! - BorisRule

17 Regular Show has no songs that are stupid

Of course! - BorisRule

18 Characters' design and personality

They are cool - BorisRule

19 Mordecai is cooler than Robin

Definitely,Robin is to much of a goody to shoes. - leafstar

20 RS fanfiction is always better than TTG fantfiction

TTG fandom appeals for idiotic -6 year old kids, while RS fandom appeals for all ages who are smart enough. - BorisRule

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