Top Ten Ways the Regular Show is Better Than Teen Titans Go!


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21 Skips is more epic than Cyborg

Skips is immortal, strong, clever, smart and serious. While Cyborg is annoying, shortlife; dumb, weak and noisy. - BorisRule

22 Muscle Man is funnier than Beast Boy

My Mom Jokes > Beast Boys Idiotic jokes - BorisRule

23 Rigby is funnier than Silkie
24 Benson is better than Robin

Benson's "YOU'RE FIRED" quote > Robin's violence and sexist - BorisRule

25 CJ is hotter than Raven
26 Regular Show is more interesting to watch
27 Teen Titans Go is annoying
28 Better Episodes
29 Better episode titles

These make sense!
The Return Of Slade is about clowns! Nothing MORE! But an episode called "Christmas In Space" is about the gang celebrate christmas in space. RS is good - BorisRule

30 Awesome stories
31 Very long character and show development
32 Amazing morals

TTG morals is bad

Regular Show has unrealistic story but morals are very good.
Yes Dude Yes - Never cheat on your girlfriend or else you'll end up like Mordecai
Some episodes - Not cool when you talking to strangers.

Don't hold the anger or else you'll end up like Benson. - BorisRule

33 Creative songs


34 Rigby is awesome
35 Ooooh, yay yuh, and Hamboing is better than "the" before every word

This goes to YOU, Starfire!

Mordecai and Rigby: Yay yuh!
Starfire: The yay yuh?
Mordecai: Dude learn your grammar.
Rigby: Yeah, that's not how you use that word!
Starfire: The ow, the i'm the sorry.
Rigby: *facepalm*

- BorisRule

36 Regular Show teaches you very important life lessons
37 All of the Titans would lose to Mordecai and Rigby
38 Mordecai and Rigby would defeat 100 clones of Raven in combat
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