Top 10 Ways Religion Can Be Bad for Children

Just my opinion, but religion can be harmful to some kids. Feel free to disagree with me and even start a debate with me in the comments (just know that I'm only saying it can be bad, not that it IS bad).

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1 It can encourage credulity
2 It often teaches kids to do the right things for the wrong reasons
3 We don't want our kids to become massive know-it-all elitists

This is true, but can't this same thing be said for those who are raised to be without religion. In other words, wouldn't those who are brought up non-religiously be just as likely to be arrogant as someone raised religiously? - The_Crimson_King

4 Kids will believe whatever you tell them, so don't lie
5 We don't want our kids to be proud of ignorance of what others think and believe
6 It suggests that faith is a virtue

We all wanna raise kids who are creative, curious and imaginative, but religion often puts a halt to all that. It teaches kids to be obedient and to take things on faith alone. You shouldn't really believe anything just because a figure of authority says (it can unwise at best and dangerous at worse because sooner or later some kid is gonna stumble across some new information and you're gonna have to teach them how to treat it properly). - DarkMatter1997

Religion is not based on Faith alone. All religion and science have evidence it's just neither have enough to confirm true. - 2storm

7 It teaches them to accept bad explanations

If you tell your kid that most of the stories in the bible are literally true (like how Eve ran into a talking snake or how Moses parted a whole sea), then you'll have to know that sooner or later they're gonna grow up and realize that those stories don't seen that plausible. Just saying. - DarkMatter1997

8 Kids could get into fights with other kids over different beliefs
9 It could scare kids into going to hell

I'm a Christian myself, and the concept of hell seems a bit questionable. I mean, this means that billions of people are burning in hell right now, and there is no escape. It terrified me when I was 9 or so. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Telling kids that there is nothing beyond death (i.e.: no afterlife, etc) can scare kids too, especially if they had a puppy that died, or if/when their grandma dies. - clusium

10 Some kids are way more gullible than adults
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1. It can encourage credulity
2. It often teaches kids to do the right things for the wrong reasons
3. We don't want our kids to become massive know-it-all elitists


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