Top 10 Ways Religion Can Be Bad for Children

Just my opinion, but religion can be harmful to some kids. Feel free to disagree with me and even start a debate with me in the comments (just know that I'm only saying it can be bad, not that it IS bad).

The Top Ten

1 It can encourage credulity
2 It often teaches kids to do the right things for the wrong reasons
3 We don't want our kids to become massive know-it-all elitists

This is true, but can't this same thing be said for those who are raised without religion. In other words, wouldn't those who are brought up non-religiously be just as likely to be arrogant as someone raised religiously? - The_Crimson_King

4 Kids will believe whatever you tell them, so don't lie
5 It could scare kids into going to hell

I honestly feel bad for people who believe in hell, especially the children. Not to be offensive or anything, but I think we can all agree on the fact that hell is a scary thing. It would be even more horrifying if it was real

Some kids at my school scared me about there being a hell when I was young. That fear is irrational to me now.

I'm a Christian myself, and the concept of hell seems a bit questionable. I mean, this means that billions of people are burning in hell right now, and there is no escape. It terrified me when I was 9 or so. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Telling kids that there is nothing beyond death (i.e.: no afterlife, etc) can scare kids too, especially if they had a puppy that died, or if/when their grandma dies. - clusium

6 We don't want our kids to be proud of ignorance of what others think and believe
7 It suggests that faith is a virtue
8 It teaches them to accept bad explanations
9 Kids could get into fights with other kids over different beliefs
10 Some kids are way more gullible than adults
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