Top Ten Ways to Respect People In Who Died In WW2


The Top Ten

1 Visiting their graves and pray for them

What's praying going to do? - Liamcog

2 Listening WW2 stories from your grandpa

Remember what they did against evil. Not repeating the evil.

Remember what they did for good.

3 Wearing a T-Shirt with the national flag

Specially for the Fuhrer and Himmler

4 Learning their story of WW2
5 Read books about them
6 Listening to your national army song
7 Singing your national anthem
8 Making a home video documentary about WW2
9 Exploring WW2 related sites
10 Revenge


Please don't.

The Contenders

11 Visit WW2 memorials in DC or any other parts in the world
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