Top Ten Ways to Respect People In Who Died In WW2

The Top Ten

1 Visiting their graves and pray for them

And then poop.

What's praying going to do? - Liamcog

2 Listening WW2 stories from your grandpa

Remember what they did against evil. Not repeating the evil.

Remember what they did for good.

And then poop on your grandpa.

3 Wearing a T-Shirt with the national flag

Specially for the Fuhrer and Himmler

And then poop on it.

Kid reads this.wears Nazi flag

4 Learning their story of WW2
5 Read books about them

And poop on the books.


6 Listening to your national army song

Yea.. please don't listen to the nazo national anthem. If you're German, just forget about ww2 and view the nazos as another country. Just remember to not kill people because of their religion and I think your good.

Hon hon hon, listen to Nazi songs

And then poop from excitment.

7 Singing your national anthem

And poop!

8 Making a home video documentary about WW2

That boring, you should poop instead.

9 Exploring WW2 related sites

And infect it with a virus so the site will be filled with pictures of toilets!

10 Revenge

By pooping on them.

I don't...I don't know how.., this is just gonna start another war.


Please don't.

The Contenders

11 Visit WW2 memorials in DC or any other parts in the world
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