Top Ten Ways Rosalina is Not a Peach Clone

I've done the Daisy's one and now is Rosalina's turn!

The Top Ten Ways Rosalina is Not a Peach Clone

1 Rosalina never got kidnapped

Space Peach was

Bowser is angry now - BorisRule

Makes sence!

2 Rosalina has a large backstory, Peach has not

Knew this list would happen! - DCfnaf

...which got retconned by the game it appeared in and by the existence of her baby clone.

3 Their design is similar but it's not the same

They have blonde hair and blue eyes. That's as far as it goes. they don't look alike at all! DaisyandRosalina is the best user ever. Using the lumas in smash is not abusive and anyway, luma probably chose to fight alongside his mom. Rosalina does ost of the fighting anyway. Luma just helps.

Different hair shade, different eye shape, a bit of a sharper face, longer eyebrows, different eyebrow & eyelash color, different lip color, longer hair, different hair style, different body shape = peach copy
? Wut?

4 Different role

Rosalina is powerful and has a spin attack while peach just gets kidnapped.

5 Different personality

Rosa more emotionally stable, & when has peach shown to be so motherly & knowledgeable?

Not anymore, backstory went down the drain. She's not literally the skankier version of peach.

She still has her backstory... and there isn’t anything ‘skanky’ about her.

6 Rosalina was not created by Myiamoto

SO?! - Drawbox

7 Rosalina is a princess but she didn't rule a kingdom
8 Risalina isn't in love with anyone

Either that or the underrated-as-sin (ex: on YouTube, people are put down for defending Rosalina over a prissy character like those from Bratz) Rosalina DOES have a few homosexual crushes. THE MORE YOU KNOW - The Ultimate Daredevil

Yea the waluigi thing was a fanfic or something she has no one she's interested in & no one is interested in her so far

9 Rosalina has more magical powers than Peach

I find it possible that Rosalina has infinite powers to be honest, due to the fact she's a celestial being. - Qryzx

What powers Rosalina has? - yunafreya648

Peach could survive any supernova Rosalina creates, but Rosalina likely has infinite magic - Qryzx

10 Different voice actress

The Contenders

11 Rosalina is abusive to Lumas while Peach is nice to Toads

Toads are Peach's servants, Lumas are Rosalina's unrelated children.
Peach uses Toads to counter attack, Rosalina uses Lumas to be shielded and get more damage.
Luma is a helper and Toad is like a tool. Peach puts them in front of her/pushes them with her heels, Rosalina either charges her Lumas at an opponent or just lets them get damaged. Peach is friendly to her Toads, Rosalina takes care of her Lumas. To be honest Rosalina is closer to her Lumas, while Peach treats them like a regular friend. While neither are abusive, Rosalina treats them better. - Qryzx

Oh no. The Rosalina haters bummed into this list.

Ah, delusional Rosalina Haters. You are such idiots. You do know that Rosalina using her lumas in smash is NOT a form of abuse, RIGHT? You want to know what is? Peach using Toads as SHIELDS in smash. You guys are idiots. - DCfnaf

How is Rosalina abusive? She's like a mom to them! - TwilightKitsune

12 Peach is actually likeable, Rosalina isn't

Don't make Rosalina's fandom toxic, haters! - BorisRule

Peach has charm, there's none of that in Rosalina.

At least Rosalina has reasons to be liked other than looks. What about Peach? Only because she's pretty when she's ugly. Uglier than Daisy

Rosalina just copies what Peach does and fails at it

Peach gets kidnapped and throws parties. Do you see Rosalina doing the same? - ParkerFang

13 Rosalina isn't a Mary Sue like Peach

Who ever put this on the list and thinks anyone in the Mario series is a Mary Sue, I will personally shove my foot up their ass. - RosalinaX

Rosalina is literally a CELESTIAL BEING that guards the UNIVERSE, and has a story, with no weaknesses. - Qryzx

Yeah Peach is so perfect and Rosalina isn't so Rosie is better

14 Rosalina fans see her as a sex object but Peach fans don't see Peach as one.

Since Peach is the main female character, there's going to be a lot of R34 of her than the other two - yunafreya648

False statement. Mario is a children's game in fact a game for everyone to enjoy. You, whoever put this down, have a dirty mind. I feel so bad for DaisyandRosalina the user. Plus there are way many Peach fanboys who drew rule 34 pictures of Peach than Daisy and Rosalina. - ParkerFang

Peach has more porn pictures than the other two

Peach fanboys are like Rosalina fanboys so this doesn't count. Whoever put this down is mad because Rosalina has more fans than Peach.

15 Peach isn't original, Rosalina is more unique

Yeah she's more unique since she's no typical damsel

16 Rosalina is more clever than Peach

I can agree - ParkerFang

17 Rosalina is taller than Peach

What? - RosalinaX

18 Peach is adorable

Kinda true. Lol. - RosalinaX

19 Peach is uglier

This is a matter of opinion! People! - RosalinaX

20 Rosalina is adorable
21 Peach is supposed to be Rosalina's mom

Check out Rosalina unmasked by the game theorists on youtube - will_smm2

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