Top Ten Ways Rosalina from Mario Is Better Than Anna from Frozen

The Top Ten

Rosalina is hot. Not Anna

Anna and Elsa are hot just like Rosalina so they're hot in their own different and other own different ways.

Anna is selfish

Anna and Elsa are both caring too.

Anna is made by Disney.
Rosalina accepts everyone
Rosalina has Luma. Anna has a dumb snowman

Elsa created the snowman after she banished herself from Aren-delle.

Rosalina is in Mario Kart. Not Anna

That's because adding Rosalina to Mario Kart made actual sense, How would you react if just 1 character from an unrelated franchise was added to a Kart racing game (which is irrelevant to the movie)? - Qryzx

So many Dumb Reasons like Mario Kart is for Mario Characters not Disney Characters!

Rosalina has a better voice
Rosalina doesn't fall in love with a boy in two seconds
Anna's insufferable
Rosalina is more mature than Anna

Truer words have never been heard before.

The Contenders

Anna is immature
Anna's disgusting
Anna's a total pain in the neck and the butt
Anna's unlikable
Anna's obnoxious
Rosalina doesn't sing about building a snowman
Rosalina is pretty
Rosalina's sister-less
Rosalina has better abilities
Rosalina steals Cloud from Tifa
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