Top Ten Ways Rosalina from Mario Is Better Than Anna from Frozen

The Top Ten

1 Rosalina is hot. Not Anna

Anna and Elsa are hot just like Rosalina so they're hot in their own different and other own different ways.

2 Anna is selfish

Anna and Elsa are both caring too.

3 Anna is made by Disney.
4 Rosalina accepts everyone
5 Rosalina has Luma. Anna has a dumb snowman

Elsa created the snowman after she banished herself from Aren-delle.

6 Rosalina is in Mario Kart. Not Anna

That's because adding Rosalina to Mario Kart made actual sense, How would you react if just 1 character from an unrelated franchise was added to a Kart racing game (which is irrelevant to the movie)? - Qryzx

So many Dumb Reasons like Mario Kart is for Mario Characters not Disney Characters!

7 Rosalina has a better voice
8 Rosalina doesn't fall in love with a boy in two seconds
9 Anna's insufferable
10 Rosalina is more mature than Anna

Truer words have never been heard before.

The Contenders

11 Anna is immature
12 Anna's disgusting
13 Anna's a total pain in the neck and the butt
14 Anna's unlikable
15 Anna's obnoxious
16 Rosalina doesn't sing about building a snowman
17 Rosalina is pretty
18 Rosalina's sister-less
19 Rosalina has better abilities
20 Rosalina steals Cloud from Tifa
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