Wow... Misspellings

Turkeyasylum Brought to you by "Wow" is a set of unfortunate misspellings, and how unfortunate they are.

The first one to look at is one used on an exam. After it, will be my reaction. Keep note this was supposed to be about HORSES:

"I like hores. Hores have hores frinds. Hores like carots. You wouldnt think they could but they can put their legs strait up. Hores make you feel good. My dad wants a hores but my mom says no. When I am 16, or 20, I will buy my own hores.".

First of all, what the heck are carots? A French cuisine? And, where do you live, a brothel? A strip club? And wow... why would your dad want hores, he has a WIFE! Is he Quagmire's real-life version? And "hores make you feel good"? How accurate...

Up next, an unfortunate misspelling that's common today: the word COLOGNE. Here's a few samples:

"When he's left and you can still smell his colon..."
"My sweatshirt smells like my bf(Boyfriend)'s colon"
"I got a new colon"

This is why people need to learn how to spell. If you say COLON, it just sounds gross! Almost as gross as the idea of watching some 11 year old masturbate on live TV! And if your sweatshirt smells like your boyfriend's colon, get a new sweatshirt!

The final misspelling is of characters of TV shows. Here's ones I saw:

"Lashana is a great character when she beet up Heather"
"Gwen Quagmire is the funniest character on Family Guy".

First off, Gwen is a girl's name, GLENN is a guy's name. So, if Quagmire was a girl, I'd call him Gwen. Also, what would "Lashana" sound like? I somewhat understand it as Leshawna is a pretty hard name to spell, but shouldn't every fan know how to spell her name? And wouldn't "Lashana" make the sound "Lash-In-Uh"? Now this is a pet peeve of mine.

So, that's it. Up next is word misusage.


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