Top Ten Ways Sanjay and Craig Is Better Than Frozen

The Top Ten Ways Sanjay and Craig Is Better Than Frozen

1 Sanjay and Craig is funny!

I personally think Frozen is overrated, but there’s NO WAY that this can be worse than show with lots of toilet humour- IceBearRules

Toilet humor is funny? I want you to rethink this item. - EpicJake

I hate both of them, but I hate Sanjay and Craig more. - Therandom

Frozen is a great Disney film, Sanjay and Craig is a horrible Nickelodeon show. - 445956

2 Elsa is a jerk

So are Sanjay and Craig

She almost killed her sister and the whole town - RevolNiartRuasonid

3 Sanjay and Craig are hot. Not Elsa.

Elsa is pretty! Sanjay and Craig are ugly!

Dear God, I hope this was a joke - PoopyPants

Sanjay and Craig isn't hot - Nateawesomeness

After seeing this, my poor mouth was left open for ten seconds; maybe more.

4 Elsa is worse than Vanellope and Sanjay and Craig are better.

Well Sanjay and Craig suck, though Vanellope is not terrible. Sure she has some, okay a lot, of toilet humor, but she's still better than Elsa and she's really a good character who is nice and sweet and doesn't run away from her big problems. (Elsa ran away from her big problems). - Anonymousxcxc

5 Anna is immature. Not Sanjay and Craig.

Are you kidding?!

SAnjAy AnD CraiG cHanGEd mY LiFE - Catacorn

I laughed when I saw this. I found out it wasn't a joke. My generation is full of idiots.

Sanjay and Craig are immature.Anna is not - RyanMtheGamer

6 Sanjay and Craig don't have stupid ice powers

I hate both but this is a terrible reason.

The ice powers ruined the WHOLE MOVIE along with Elsa - RevolNiartRuasonid

And elsa and Anna don't treat butts like their great

Those aren't bad,at least Elsa isn't gassy,and no,I'm no frozen fan - Nateawesomeness

7 Sanjay and Craig are hip. Not Elsa.

Just wait for the crazy caps frozen fan girl to see this...

Hip? are you 80 or 5. - Sunflowerswag

Butt and Fart jokes are hip.. interesting...
(Ignore my username, I blame my brother) - PoopyPants

8 Olaf is annoying and nobody in Sanjay and Craig is.

Olaf is so annoying. Frankly, the other cast isn't too much better. Anna is an idiot for trying to stop Elsa and then trusting the guy, the guy tried to kill Anna and Olaf, and Elsa tried to kill everybody else. - KalloFox34

Actually all the characters are annoying!

Whoever wrote this list must've been high.

Actually,it's the opposite - RyanMtheGamer

9 Hector is funny. Not Olaf.

Wait a second! Aren't you that guy who made the Sanjay and Craig/Survivor list? - EpicJake

Hector's not funny. Olaf is. - PizzaGuy

10 Frozen is made by Disney

This is so true but Nick is way worse than Disney although both are terrible channels.

Are you serious? Nick is WAYYY worse than Disney Channel

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11 Frozen is More Overrated

Both are overrated pieces of trash but frozen is more overrated than Sanjay and Craig is - christangrant

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