Top Ten Ways Sanjay and Craig Is Better Than Frozen


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1 Sanjay and Craig is funny!

Toilet humor is funny? I want you to rethink this item. - EpicJake

I hate both of them, but I hate Sanjay and Craig more. - Therandom

Frozen is a great Disney film, Sanjay and Craig is a horrible Nickelodeon show. - 445956

Sanjay and Craig and Frozen suck but Seriously toilet humor better than princesses? This list is a

2 Elsa is a jerk

So are Sanjay and Craig

She almost killed her sister and the whole town - RevolNiartRuasonid

3 Sanjay and Craig are hot. Not Elsa.

Dear God, I hope this was a joke - PoopyPants

Sanjay and Craig isn't hot - Nateawesomeness

After seeing this, my poor mouth was left open for ten seconds; maybe more.

Well, this actually makes sense because Elsa has ice powers. - 445956

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4 Elsa is worse than Vanellope and Sanjay and Craig are better.

Well Sanjay and Craig suck, though Vanellope is not terrible. Sure she has some, okay a lot, of toilet humor, but she's still better than Elsa and she's really a good character who is nice and sweet and doesn't run away from her big problems. (Elsa ran away from her big problems). - Anonymousxcxc

5 Sanjay and Craig don't have stupid ice powers

I hate both but this is a terrible reason.

The ice powers ruined the WHOLE MOVIE along with Elsa - RevolNiartRuasonid

And elsa and Anna don't treat butts like their great

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6 Sanjay and Craig are hip. Not Elsa.

Hip? are you 80 or 5. - Sunflowerswag

Butt and Fart jokes are hip.. interesting...
(Ignore my username, I blame my brother) - PoopyPants

7 Anna is immature. Not Sanjay and Craig.

Your joking right? Sanjay and Craig are both very immature and inappropriate. - Catacorn

I laughed when I saw this. I found out it wasn't a joke. My generation is full of idiots.

Sanjay and Craig are immature.Anna is not - RyanMtheGamer

Ok fine I'm adding you to my TheTopTens user trolls list and sanjay and craig are inmature

8 Hector is funny. Not Olaf.

Wait a second! Aren't you that guy who made the Sanjay and Craig/Survivor list? - EpicJake

Hector's not funny. Olaf is. - PizzaGuy

9 Olaf is annoying and nobody in Sanjay and Craig is.

Actually all the characters are annoying!

Whoever wrote this list must've been high.

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10 Frozen is made by Disney

This is so true but Nick is way worse than Disney although both are terrible channels.

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11 Frozen is More Overrated

Both are overrated pieces of trash but frozen is more overrated than Sanjay and Craig is - christangrant

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