Top Ten Ways Sanjay and Craig is Better Than Pokemon


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1 Sanjay and Craig is Funny

This list is funnier than Sanjay and Craig and Pokemon combined.

This Show Funny? You're Kidding Me Right?

Id have to say that Pokemon is better - FerrariDude64

How is this atrocious trash funny?

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2 Anime Sucks

Animes can be cool too! Maybe Pokemon isn't your thing, and another anime genre will catch your eye. At lest try it before you say all anime is bad. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Oh boy, many trolls on this website... - P-51IsDaBest

That Is Not Even Remotely True.

Ok, ok,i understand that any organic creature would hate saunjay and craig because its disgusting and sickening to your eye holes. But at least it has less tropes than anime. Anime has so many tropes! anime IS a trope! you could copy and paste almost any one of those colorful haired anime characters and Ctrl V them into another anime and no one would know! that in my opinion is why saunjay and craig is better. Its gross. Its weird. but at least its original.

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3 Pokemon is for Nerds

Do you ever see cool people talk about Sanjay and Craig? Besides saying it sucks? - Goatworlds

Do you see any cool people talking to trolls, idiot?

Sanjay and Craig=Not Cool

Not gonna lie, a lot of people obsessed with Pokemon are kinda nerdy. Don't get me wrong, I normally hate Sanjay and Craig, but my senapi Koolguy makes me like it. - Therandom

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4 Pokemon Doesn't Make Any Sense

It only makes sense if you actually have some too - PoopyPants

O and Sanjay and Craig does

Like you (at KoolGuy2218).

Sanjay and Craig doesn't even 100% make sense but Pokémon makes 99% sense.

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5 Sanjay and Craig Has Better (And Funnier) Characters

So Funny That It Makes Me Want To Throw Up!

It makes me wanna punch my laptop - Neonco31

Seems like the type of show you'd watch, KoolGuy. - DCfnaf

I don't really like Pokémon anime (please respect my opinion)but I do prefer the games better and I hate Sanjay and Craig so much Pokémon isn't as bad as Sanjay and Craig.

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6 Pokemon is Boring

Like you (at KoolGuy2218).

Actually Pokemon is great. S&C is even more boring - Neonco31

I just found out that Pokemon's existed since 1997! No wonder its boring! It got old and stale! - KoolGuy2218

7 Pokemon Doesn't Have Any Fart Jokes

So you actually like fart jokes?

Thank god it doesn't. What kind of person likes fart jokes? Oh yeah, "Kool"Guy2218 does.

So that means it's better

Why doesn't anyone like fart jokes? They can be funny. - purpleyoshi98

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8 Pokemon is Uncreative

A dumb boy and his dumb snake and dumb fart jokes? Is that the best they can do?

A boy who captures animals with elemental powers in capsules and has adventures with his friends around the world and defeat villains? Now that's a recipe for success!

Oh please you rather see an annoying boy and his snake go on stupid adventures than actual creativity? - Jordansalesguy2392

Pfft... Well I Would Like To See You Do Better.

So your saying that a franchise with over hundreds of Pokemon and succesful video games with diferent powers isn't creative but a dumb retarded boy with a retarded snake show in their butts and farting gas
Is creativo

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9 Pokemon Gives Anime a Bad Name

You know why there are so many non-anime watchers who think anime sucks because it's for kids (in which most are actually mature)? It's because of this steaming pile of garbage. Granted Sanjay and Craig is also terrible but at least it didn't give western cartoons a bad name because it didn't get popular enough (thankfully)! It's truly a shame that there are lots of good anime people could check out but refuse to do so because of the Pokemon craptoon, falsely referred to as anime. - SelfDestruct

That's Boku no Pico - ParkerFang

We have pieces of crap like Digimon or School Days and, like ParkerFang said, Boku no Pico, to cover this. - Goatworlds

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