Top 10 Ways Sans is the Most Overrated Character In Undertale


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1 He's nowhere near as powerful as the fanbase makes him out to be


The fanbase just thinks he just shoots blasters everywhere and can kill anything with one blow. It gets me so dang annoyed.

You are right he has one health point and is weak in attack damage. Exept you forgot he is fast, can remimber your playing strategy and adjust to it, and he is genius. He worked on making souls and bodys! So he is powerful just in a different way.

He can't actually remember your fighting style. Sans can't remember past timelines. He's just really good at reading faces. - SolaHaze


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2 Papyrus was both way funnier and kind of a better character

Papyrus is the best character ever!

Fangirls and fanboys alike worship Sans while Papyrus has the most sad death (in my opinion) in any route as well as having an emotional connection with the player rather quickly. What makes Sans a good character are the characters surrounding him and bolstering his development. People forget that Papyrus is the whole reason Sans even has a battle with you in the Genocide route. Sans's character is built around his love for Papyrus and with good reason: Papyrus is amazing! He's a kind character (the only one that still believes in you even in the Genocide route) and his tomfoolery make him stand out! Papyrus is a unique and eccentric character you can't help wanting to love and protect.

Yeah, if you've ever had the guts to play the Genocide run, Papyrus's death is easily one of the most impactful. In his last words, he says that he still believes that you can change, despite you killing everyone in Snowdin up to that point. Whereas Sans just tries (and succeeds) to kill you, telling his life story of him giving up and his nihilist point of view.

My problem with Sans is that we saw WAAY to much of him in the game. We got much less time around Papyrus, who was funnier, more interesting, and overall was a better character than Sans. Whoop de doo, Sans can shoot blasters, but the fangirls seem to forget how hilarious and more engaging Papyrus was.

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3 The memes; oh, the memes, memes, memes, memes, MEMES

SANES? - Pokemonfan10

Sanesss is funny though

"fangirls" huh? what about all the 14 year old boys I've come across that worship?

The memes ain't too bad, but the AUs, GOD THE AUS! WHO CARES ABOUT KAWAII MAID SANS?! - Scarytar44

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4 He is most certainly NOT the best character; that would have to be either Alphys or Mettaton

Undyne is best girl Papyrus is best boy. Your argument is invalid.

Mettaton and Alphys are really good characters. literally they are my favorite characters. sad enough barely anybody ever talks about them. even more sad I showed Alphys to my sister and she asked "is that Sans"
I would love to see more on Alphys and Mettaton.

I like Sans, but I think Undyne and Papyrus are the 2 best in the game. - Garythesnail

Seriously, Asgore and Mettaton are better than Sans. On every Undertale related fansite/wiki/reddit/forum there is 90% Sans and 10% other characters like what

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5 All of his numerous alternate-universe counterparts, most especially Underswap Sans

Error Sans, Gaster Sans, Underfell Sans, and the stupidest thing I ever heard... Sansy Fresh. I even seen someone make a Tori Sans. And in 600 years, Jerry Sans.

So tru

I remember when I was a new undertale fan, I saw a comic dub of PJ's daycare or something and I had absolutely no idea what was going on. All I saw was a bunch of crappy recolours talking to each other and frolicking around like little babies.

Underswap sansgirls in a shellnut: OMGOMGOMGOMG BLUEBERRY SANSPAI I WANA TIKLE U SO BAD SKWEEE - 404_name_missing

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6 WAY too many freaking recolors

Oh my gosh the sans multiverse was the worst thing since sharknado. Literally, the daycare versions are so cringy. They’re all boys, why do they have to love each Other? they're IN FLIPPING DAYCARE I'm SO TRIGGERED *insert meme here*

And bad ocs.

Sans OCs are overrated.It's always a Sans Base.

7 Skeletons aren't sexy

Tell that to people with necrophilia

*Flashbacks of ecto-dong*

Sans is suck. only stupid peoples find fat skeleton sexy, he dress like a lazy people. And short. Haha. Papyrus is best!

How is he attractive? he is just a skeleton.

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8 Involved in so many shippings that it's literally impossible to keep track of all of them

There are so many ships that it's turned the fandom into Pearl Harbor

Soriel especially. SORIEL IS A SIXTY YEAR OLD GOAT DATING AN EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD SKELETON. At the very most they're friends. People think oh hey they're friends now they're automatically attracted to each other. Sans x anyone is dumb. Sans can't have a kind of relationship that requires work. He is too justified for tori, who prefers to listen to her heart. Somehow he's being shipped with his brother?! WTFUDGE?! Honestly he's a good character nice guy but people overrate him. not to mention the large amounts of ocs like SHES HIS girlfriend BUT LIKE WAY MORE POWERFUL SHE doesn't LIKE FRISK OR TORI BECAUSE SHE THINKS THEYLL STEAL HIM FROM HER LIKE SHE MET SANS AND IT WAS LOVE. I hate those Mary Sues and any sans ship is horrible.

Frans and Soriel fans are both CANCER! Any Sans ship(except sans x ketchup because it is technically cannon) is cancer, it’s mostly the fans that make it cancer and cause problems in the undertake fandom. Sans is just a bro to everybody, and will never be anything more that that! And seriously, FONCEST?! GIVE ME BLEACH FOR MY EYES!

9 Undertale, though an all-time great, is quite easily one of the most overrated games of all time

I like many enjoy the game, but I can admit that the game has become overrated.

True definitely, its like a good game with bad bandwagons

10 He isn't freaking Ness, and he probably wouldn't win a fight against Ness either

Frisk is a genderless child.


Heh heh... True. If a little girl Frisk could beat him, Ness could. - XpizzamanXx

So true, so true, but it would be a good fight. 😉

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11 Sans X Toriel is nothing compared to Alphys X Undyne

I know Alphys X Undyne actually has some sort of CANNON(True Pacifist) relationship which makes that ship even better

A thought of a four foot tall nihilist skeleton that likes jokes and a motherly kind goat that is almost two times taller than the skeleton loving each other makes me RoFl

I hate Sansriel. Toriel is probably WAYY older than Sans, but just because they used to chat doesn't mean they love eachover. I ship Sans and Frisk/Chara.

I do not even think of it as canon, I see Sans and Toriel having a platonic relationship, a friendship, that is. It was never canon in the first place. I see Toriel as a woman who will never love again after THAT incident with Asgore and stay as an independent woman who will watch the days pass by, Sans would only be her friend or either a pun buddy.

Compared to Alphys x Undyne, I don't think Sans Fangirls would be happy if he is shipped with Toriel.

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12 Easily the worst fanbase out of all of the characters; horrible enough to make even Muffet blush

I should've saved my upvote for this. - WarriorCatsHater

13 People have the nerve to ship him in a passionately sexual manner with his own brother

Fontcest was worse than anything, probably due to sketon bro-only AUS - Scarytar44

Oh my god, they are brothers, BROTHERS!

Reminds me of people who ship three certain people from Unova. *shudders* - RiverClanRocks


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14 His Genocide battle isn't really all that hard, and the Pacifist final battle was honestly better

Flowey makes a better boss.
Invalid is invalid, idiots.
Get rent.

I meant rekt. Sorry.

Undying undyne was so much harder - Scarytar44

ASRIEL for the win

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15 His jokes are boring, forced and unfunny, whereas most of the other characters derive their humor from having genuinely entertaining and charming personalities

Aren't his puns supposed to be bad though? - RoleplayerR

I kinda like his puns but ok lol

16 He isn't even the actual final boss of the Genocide Run


True! After him there is Asgore,Flowey and Chara.

17 He's the most requested Undertale character for Smash...over Mettaton, Frisk, Papyrus and Alphys

AS soon as UT came to the switch, I knew Mettaton could be a cool SSBU assist, even though I knew it would never happen. But THIS?!?! ID RATHER HAVE SHAGGY - Scarytar44

Sans isn't even the star of Undertale. Plus, Toby doesn't want his game on a Nintendo device anyway.

Why would they put Undertale in Smash Bros? They have nothing to do with each other. - RiverClanRocks

I'd rather have Frisk as a starter...and Flowey and Sans as unlockables if possible. Many people only want Sans as starter. And anyone else is unlockable. - SoaPuffball

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18 Contrary to popular belief, he's a bit underdeveloped for the type of character that he is

When the most important things established about Sans are his powers and not his personality, you know he is underdeveloped

19 Undyne's Genocide fight was a bit harder in some ways

i knew it.

AGREED. Undyne is so much harder with those bullet hell attacks. Sans is hard, but not as difficult as Undyne.

I managed to no hot undyne the undying she is super easy but sans._. The most I could no hit was 2 attacks after he got tired

Sans is waay easier than undyne

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20 His whole schtick of loving ketchup had already been done years ago with Pikachu
21 During the Snowdin segment of the game, Papyrus was pretty much the only thing that actually made him funny
22 Although he does have a pretty shocking plot twist, it's nowhere near as shocking as Alphys' or Asriel's

Is that even a "plot twist"?

23 Also gets foot-fetish art while Alphys doesn't

I don't see how Alphys not geeting foot-fetish "art" is a bad thing.

Well, just take a good look at Alphys' character design and tell me why she WOULDN'T have foot fetish art (spoilers: she does) - xandermartin98

I hate foot fetishism

it is similar and easily paired with tickling.

i hate it into the next dimension.

24 Papyrus, Mettaton, Temmie and especially Alphys are all far cuter

Alphys' is such a precious, awkward bean. More better than a talking skeleton who does nothing but laze around and drink ketchup as if it were a normal drink. - Iconspectus

25 He distracts the fanbase from trying to figure out the vastly more intriguing mystery surrounding Gaster


I hate Sans, but honestly I think Gaster is even worse.
Personally I think Asriel is the most interesting character.

26 People just generally talk about him way too much
27 People still ship him with everything in sight, despite Toby Fox himself explicitly stating that Sans is too lazy for dedicated romantic relationships
28 I could argue that even Frisk, the obligatory silent protagonist of the game, was a somewhat more interesting character
29 He's been Photoshopped into both Shulk AND Zanza from Xenoblade Chronicles

(sighs) Just look at my profile image - xandermartin98

30 Megalovania honestly wasn't even nearly as good of a boss theme as Alphys Takes Action OR Hopes And Dreams, let alone both of them put together

ATA was fan made, but its still better than every version and sans - Scarytar44

Leitmotifs are what makes the Undertale OST interesting. Out of these 101 songs of the OST, Megalovania is one of the 12 that doesn't have any leitmotifs. The only reason the 11 didn't have Leitmotifs was because it's a sound effect, not a real song. Megalovania is bland and uninteresting without Leitmotifs. If TSTMPWYFS (The Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans) replaced it, then it will be more interesting. Since they actually have a leitmotif! Besides, Megalovania doesn't fit the moment.

Tl;Dr: Megalovania is bland and uninteresting and I completely agree with you. - WarriorCatsHater

31 He really isn't as smart as the fanbase thinks he is
32 Much like Mettaton's fanbase, Sans' also worships him like a literal god

Just like Alphys said earlier about Mettaton:

"They think he's a god, but he's as mortal as we." - xandermartin98

33 He's part of the reason that people think the Genocide Run is "hard"

Undone and him are pretty much the only actual challenges in the genocide run, and Undyne’s the only one of the two who CAN ACTUALLY SURVIVE AN ATTACK FROM ANYTHING.

34 Aside from that creepy glowing eye, his character design isn't really all that interesting
35 He's overshadowed Frisk's former role as the game's mascot to the point of practically stealing it

I find Frisk more interesting than Sans, actually. - Iconspectus

36 The type of character that he is has undeniably been done vastly better before
37 He dies in one hit

Someone went out of their way to record a video of someone beating Sans with a stick. And it actually worked. - WarriorCatsHater

38 All of this constant talk about him, and folks don't even know that he's actually black
39 Much like that of the game itself, his fanbase is populated mainly by idiot kids and manchildren

That's disgusting and it's very rare to find some good stuff because it's full of trash
Just saying from personal experience

Devil Art, I mean DeviantArt was turned more to a special hell than it was before. - WarriorCatsHater

40 He's seemingly THE one character that literally everyone always uses as the primary example for why Undertale has such great characters

What About Asriel? You Know the Goat Kid that, in the end, doesn't want to hurt anyone. And literally apologizes after his Boss Fight at the end of the Pacifist Route? Now THAT'S An awesome Character.

Alphys? You there? Oh wait... Sans overshadows her too much. - WarriorCatsHater

41 People actually created an entire AU in which Sans and Papyrus melted themselves together into an Amalgamate just so that they could literally stay together forever in the creepiest way imaginable

I could totally see Endogeny trying to eat their bones every 3 seconds now that you mention it. - WarriorCatsHater

Let me's sixbones.

42 Sans X Reader fanfics off the wazoo on a daily basis

Anyone remember Cutie the Kitten? Gross. - WarriorCatsHater

43 Even Papyrus is better at cooking than he is
44 Out of the three Bone Brothers, he's probably the least interesting character of the three

Wait, there are 3 of them?

Nah dude gaster just exists. People think that gaster is related to them when we don't even know what he looks like. - Ravenfang

45 Some people actually consider him to be the only good character in the game
46 He's the easiest character to make boner jokes with
47 Some people actually see him as a comedian to live up to
48 All of his superpowers in the Genocide Run are basically just overglorified Dragon Ball Z clichés
49 His fanbase gives Undertale more of a bad name more than probably anything else about it
50 People have somewhat questionable taste in characters, Undertale or otherwise
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2. He's nowhere near as powerful as the fanbase makes him out to be
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