Top 10 Ways Sans is the Most Overrated Character In Undertale


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21 He's been Photoshopped into both Shulk AND Zanza from Xenoblade Chronicles

(sighs) Just look at my profile image - xandermartin98

22 Much like Mettaton's fanbase, Sans' also worships him like a literal god

Just like Alphys said earlier about Mettaton:

"They think he's a god, but he's as mortal as we." - xandermartin98

23 He's part of the reason that people think the Genocide Run is "hard"

Undone and him are pretty much the only actual challenges in the genocide run, and Undyne’s the only one of the two who CAN ACTUALLY SURVIVE AN ATTACK FROM ANYTHING.

24 Aside from that creepy glowing eye, his character design isn't really all that interesting
25 His whole schtick of loving ketchup had already been done years ago with Pikachu
26 He distracts the fanbase from trying to figure out the vastly more intriguing mystery surrounding Gaster


I hate Sans, but honestly I think Gaster is even worse.
Personally I think Asriel is the most interesting character.

27 He's overshadowed Frisk's former role as the game's mascot to the point of practically stealing it

I find Frisk more interesting than Sans, actually. - Iconspectus

28 The type of character that he is has undeniably been done vastly better before
29 People still ship him with everything in sight, despite Toby Fox himself explicitly stating that Sans is too lazy for dedicated romantic relationships
30 He dies in one hit

Someone went out of their way to record a video of someone beating Sans with a stick. And it actually worked. - WarriorCatsHater

31 Although he does have a pretty shocking plot twist, it's nowhere near as shocking as Alphys' or Asriel's
32 Sans X Reader fanfics off the wazoo on a daily basis

Anyone remember Cutie the Kitten? Gross. - WarriorCatsHater

33 Easily the worst fanbase out of all of the characters; horrible enough to make even Muffet blush

I should've saved my upvote for this. - WarriorCatsHater

34 Megalovania honestly wasn't even nearly as good of a boss theme as Alphys Takes Action OR Hopes And Dreams, let alone both of them put together

Leitmotifs are what makes the Undertale OST interesting. Out of these 101 songs of the OST, Megalovania is one of the 12 that doesn't have any leitmotifs. The only reason the 11 didn't have Leitmotifs was because it's a sound effect, not a real song. Megalovania is bland and uninteresting without Leitmotifs. If TSTMPWYFS (The Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans) replaced it, then it will be more interesting. Since they actually have a leitmotif! Besides, Megalovania doesn't fit the moment.

Tl;Dr: Megalovania is bland and uninteresting and I completely agree with you. - WarriorCatsHater

35 He really isn't as smart as the fanbase thinks he is
36 Even Papyrus is better at cooking than he is
37 Out of the three Bone Brothers, he's probably the least interesting character of the three

Wait, there are 3 of them?

38 Some people actually consider him to be the only good character in the game
39 People just generally talk about him way too much
40 He's the easiest character to make boner jokes with
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