Top 10 Ways to Save and Improve the World in the Future

This world is extremely damaged and very polluted. It's also filled with corruption and bad people. There are so many ways to help improve the Earth. Here are some simple ways to save the world. Also, feel free to add new items.
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1 Stop being a cheapskate

Some people are reasonably greedy for they're own good, but there are many people who are crossing the line. People take greediness to a whole new level. There are a lot of ridiculous things like a whole family sharing one cold bath per day (The dad, the mom and then the kids.) The hard working father is possibly the dirtiest of them all yet he's the first one to bathe. And the kids are bathing last so they're bathing in sweat and dirt. It's borderline child abuse. Even bathing in a clean bath is still not as good as taking a shower. There are also other absurd things in different families like using only one light bulb in the house and then move it to each room, they put leftover spaghetti sauce back the the jar for a future meal, they ask their kids to bring back milk cartons from schools to re-use for something else. Here's one who extremely crossed the line, a millionaire who acts like she's even cheaper than most cheapskates. Here are several things like she's using her ex ...more

Mr. Krabs, take note

2 Keep all the murders and rapists in prison

Not happening, most will be released after serving less than half of their sentence. Within a few months, most prisons will be mandated to reduce their populations by 50-percent. A judge just ruled that even those convicted of child sex crimes will be eligible for early parole.

Don't ever let those monsters out of their prison cell. Let them rot in there. Don't even bail them out, not even for 10 million dollars. What if they're released from prison? They'll go kill or/and rape more people. All the murders and rapists should stay in there for the rest of their lives. People like them shouldn't ever be allowed to be free. Keep those monsters contained and separated from the outside world. They are extremely dangerous and can harm everyone around them. Don't keep them near anyone.

yes we have no room for people like them
in our world

3 Stop all rapists

Rapists are extremely harmful in this world. They're some of the most heartless human beings of all time. All they do is ruin everyone's lives especially children's. Everyone would be traumatized forever thanks to those disgusting freaks. All they do is either lie, act like they know nothing about it or simply don't care at all. We need more people to stop rapists. There are many rapists in the world such as Dahvie Vanity, Ian Watkins and Peter Scully. Those are some of the most dangerous people in the world. There's also serial rapists who rape multiple people. All rapists need to be stopped as soon as possible.

The only way to end rape is to provide healing and support to those who have suffered sexual abuse because sadly trauma can turn people into abuser themselves.

4 Recycle more things

There are a lot of things you should recycle such as plastic, paper, cardboard and aluminum. And why you should recycle those things? Plastic can either be melted or you can sometimes re-use it if it's in great condition. Paper and cardboard can also be easily re-used. Aluminum is also something that is really worth recycling. If there are bigger pieces of plastic or paper, you can break them apart to recycle. However, there are very few exceptions when you probably don't want to recycle. If there's personal information or personal stuff you don't want people to ever find out it can be broken to pieces and then thrown in the garbage. If the things are too dirty or too smelly to the point it's unsuitable to recycle, just throw it away in the garbage.

5 Avoid talking to thots and gold diggers

Thots are only a bunch of nobodies who want to be popular by doing absolutely nothing except posting pictures of themselves. Some have a lot of clout by posting half nude pictures or have "dates" with a lot of guys for money and popularity. There are many on Instagram, Snapchat and especially TikTok. Most of the thots make cringy faces and cringy TikToks. All thots are either "soon-to-be-your-girlfriends", cheaters or some only want to steal your money also known as gold diggers. The gold diggers are more harmful since they can steal from you and they have some of the most awful personalities in the world. Don't forget that thots act like they're better than everyone else.

6 Stop child abusers

Child abusers are extremely awful people. Many of the kids are suffering from this. Some parents aren't suitable to have kids at all. Child abusers don't deserve to have custody of their own kids. LovelyPeaches and DaddyOFive are perfect examples of child abusers.

7 Use less plastic

Start replacing some plastic with cardboard such as cardboard straws, cardboard boxes. So that way we can save more plastic and avoid having more pollution. Let's hope in the future they replace supermarket plastic bags with paper bags. You can also use reusable bags so you can easily save money and save more plastic in the future.

8 Re-use or buy more re-usable things

There are many things people buy such as plastic bags from stores, or throw away certain things like Cool Whip and ice cream plastic containers when they're empty. You can sometimes re-use those plastic bins for other things such as very small storage bins or you can put other food in them. And you can also buy re-usable bags from the supermarket not to only save plastic, but to also save money in the long run.

This should be higher than number 5 honestly.

9 Eliminate all kinds of weapons
10 Stop overpopulating the world

Let's never take down innocent lives. Let everyone live their lives. However, murders, rapists and child predators should all be separated from the population. Also, there should be a new limit of 1 baby per family at most in average. Some may have 1 baby, some may have 2 and some may have none. And don't consider girls to be half a kid because they're also humans. Humans count as one person. End of story. Sexism like that is unacceptable. Boy and girls are equal.

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11 Stop being careless

There are so many careless people in this world. Many of them don't care about anyone. They do car noises and put their radio full blast in a town at night, they vandalize towns, they bully and harass people for no reason, they cause more COVID-19 cases by not taking it seriously, they also cyberbully a lot on the internet as well. Those people really need to stop acting like they're cool because they're not. All they do is annoy, hurt people or damages everything around you.

12 Stop racism and sexism

Awful that people judge and treat others badly, simply because they have a different background, culture, and gender than others. It really needs to stop.

13 Donate to a charity
14 Get Trump re-elected in 2024
15 Ban smoking

Why can't they just ban smoking for once they know it can kill u

16 Become more helpful people
17 Execute pedophiles

Agreed, these horrible creatures don’t deserve to live. They should all go to hell

18 Take responsibility for your actions
19 Execute Antifa terrorists
20 Arrest Obama for war crimes
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