Top Ten Ways to Save Our Earth

The Top Ten Ways to Save Our Earth

1 Volunteer for an environmental activity

So basically to sum up this list in one sentence,"Us humans need to stop being dumb asses! "

2 Take bottles, glass, cans, paper and plastic to be recycled.

The solution is right in front of our faces; radical population reduction.

Well, I don't mean to be a negative Nellie, but we've gone too far to fix everything now. We can only hope to slow down the warming now. Not to say we shouldn't. The longer we have, the longer we have to find a solution! - keycha1n

3 Switch off electrical items when not in use.

I think my school needs to work on this. The lights are always on, and same with the computers. - Minecraftcrazy530

4 Walk or cycle instead of driving

This also keeps you fit!

5 Take quick showers rather than deep baths.

Or just fill up the bucket and get the job done. - Arhaan95

My showers take less than five minutes. I hate showers. - RiverClanRocks

6 Don't dump leftover food down the drain
7 Turn down the central heating by 1 degree.
8 Save plants
9 Use energy-efficient, compact, fluorescent light bulbs.
10 Stop wars

The Contenders

11 Take out reusable bags for shopping.
12 Use products that are environmentally friendly, such as recycled paper.
13 Stop poachers
14 Take an interest in environmental issues: on television, Internet and on magazines.
15 Convert all roads into grass
16 Save water
17 Use public transport
18 Stop population growth

Absolutely! There are too many people in the world. Maybe the number of children people can have could be limited to 2 per family.

If radical population reduction does not happen, and happen soon, all the rest of the items listed here will be a total waste of time.

19 Lottery system to choose who can have a baby
20 Elect leaders who love the environment

We Americans need some work in this one...

21 Move to another planet

Problem solved.

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