Top 10 Ways that Serena from the Pokemon Anime Could've Been a Much Better Character

You know I hate Serena's character, but how would I feel that she would be a better character and not be as bad in my opinion? Well...

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1 Drop the Amourshipping bait

She was only created just so Ash would have a girlfriend, which is pretty pointless, because we have tons of better characters such as Dawn, May or Misty to fill that gap. - TwilightKitsune

Yes, please do. Sadly even if Serena didn't have a crush on Ash and had a bit or no goal, then Amourshipping would still be a thing. I don't know. I guess this shipping shows how much people who ship Ash with a Pok├ęGirl makes us think that the region shipping SHOULDN'T be a thing. - ClassicGaminer

2 Have Serena develop a crush on Ash much later on in the series or drop it altogether

Ugh, please no. No crush on Ash, thank you. Even after her crush on Ash pissed us off, it's something she shouldn't have even if it's early or later in the series. I suggest to drop it all together. - ClassicGaminer

3 Have her goal be more about Pokemon than herself

Like the past companions. Showcases didn't do this all that much. Debatably, it's not about Pokemon if you take idol culture into consideration. I don't necessarily think she needs to battle, but I felt if she had a goal like being a Pokemon breeder or a Poke Racer, it would be a lot better. - marshadow

4 Not have her be a walking stereotype

Nothing bad about being girly, it's just the way Serena says girls should always appear to look *pretty* and dedicate her life around a boy I find very stupid.

5 Have her pay a lot more attention to Clemont and Bonnie

Self explanatory. She fantasizes about Ash more than she interacts with Clemont and Bonnie. Mostly Clemont. Which Clemont is very supportive and compassionate about Serena and he doesn't deserve to not be ignored. - marshadow

6 Have her contribute more to the group

During the epic showdown with Ash, Alan, Diantha and the Kalos Gym Leaders including Clemont trying save Kalos and the world from the thing I forgot what it was and Serena literally does nothing but stand their on the sidelines along with Marin, and Bonnie, if it were Misty, Dawn, May or Iris they would have helped them try to stop it. - egnomac

Meh, too late. - TwilightKitsune

7 Not have her defined by Ash and constantly cater to him

I'm not asking for her to argue with him all the time. I'm asking for her to not let Ash treat her like a doormat. For example, that scene where she let Ash use her as a clothing hanger when getting prepared to battle Wulfric. Literally none of the other companions would take that crap, regardless of how nice they are. Because they know they deserve to be treated better. - marshadow

And don't bring up the time where she pelted snowballs at Ash. That was a poor example of having conflict since all it did was make Serena look self absorbed into having "alone time" with Ash instead of warning him about the snow storm and giving him space. (There were so many indications he needed space. HE DIDN'T BRING PIKACHU WITH HIM. THAT SHOULD BE AN OBVIOUS SIGN HE WANTS TO BE LEFT ALONE.)

It would be different if she actually saw that was uncalled for and apologized to Ash but that didn't happen. - marshadow

8 Have her get a goal and development much earlier in the series

Self explanatory. It shouldn't take 40+ episodes to get Serena a goal, I'm sorry. - marshadow

9 If Serena did not kiss him and just walk away and just say goodbye on the final episode

Ash you could of just push serena away or just tell her not to kiss her come on you ten year old ash

If Ash pushed her away, she might've fallen down the escalator lol - BDOG375

That kiss was just stupid. Like, she just HAD to do it before she said goodbye with her desperate self. Ash didn't even acknowledge it.

As memorable as the kiss was it was completely forced and people take it as Amourshipping being canon which is of course false because if it was Ash would have kissed her back but he doesn't he just kind of stands their awkwardly like most boys his age would be confused. - egnomac

Yes and the would be good

10 Have her interact with her Pokemon more often

I've noticed that her Pokemon don't get as much screen time as the other characters' Pokemon unless it's showcase related or its time to eat. That always rubbed me the wrong way. - marshadow

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11 Make her goal as a sky trainer like her manga counterpart from pokemon adventures manga

Guys you should check out her manga counterpart. It's better than game serena and anime serena.

12 Have her have a better reason to cut her hair and change her appearance or drop it all together

Cutting her hair because of a mistake she did in her first showcase was so stupid you have no idea. I mean, so what if you lost? Get up a try again? Dawn lost so many times in a row and you don't see her change her appearance.

It's possible for Serena to have a better reason to change her appearance. Look at Lillie from the games. Her reasons for changing her appearance was well done and much more meaningful. The anime writers can do better than what they have. - marshadow

13 Have her be a warrior
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