Top Ten Ways to Show Forgiveness

You know who you are, love. I'm sorry for what I said, and I forgive you for what you said.

The Top Ten

1 A smile

This is an unavoidable way to show you care. Sometimes after an argument, they only have to look at you and your heart melts, resulting in a smile, and in that moment the argument is forgotten. A sincere and genuine smile says more than words ever could. - Britgirl

A smile can surely be a good way to forgive:)! - cosmo

Sometimes so much can be said in a simple facial expression. - PetSounds

2 A squeeze

Be it in a hug, or just a fleeting touch, an affectionate squeeze assures you that everything's OK. - PetSounds

3 A gift

Dammit, that was supposed to say "So long as it's not a bottle of cyanide." - PetSounds

So long as it's a bottle of cyanide. - PetSounds

When giving a gift, be sure to refrain from giving out spmething they already own. - Turkeyasylum

4 Say it

A sincere verbal explanation is non-cryptic and easy to understand. - PetSounds

5 A song

Something along the line of "Best of My Love" by the Eagles. - PetSounds

6 A note

Be it elaborately written or a simple text message, it shows that you care enough to express your thoughts in words. - PetSounds

7 An invitation

The desire to spend time together is generally a good sign that your transgression have been forgiven. - PetSounds

8 A glance

Depends on whether your eyes are easy to read. - PetSounds

9 A touch

Simply a hand on your sleeve or shoulder. - PetSounds

10 A joke

If a person's willing to joke with you, it's a pretty good sign that no grudge is being held. - PetSounds

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