Top Ten Ways to Show You're Superior to Older Siblings

So, we all talk about how bad a little sibling can be, but did you know an older sibling is just as bad? But these are great ways to show being born first does not matter.

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1 Graduate with a Master's degree before them

He had a head start, but he blew it. Trust me. - Drumline

Chances are, I'll end up being the only one in my family without a master's degree since I slacked off in high school with a 2.5 GPA.

2 Take a job of authority at the place your older sibling works at

Finally, after years of them bossing you around, you get to boss them around! - Drumline

3 Get into what they do, then do it better

This is impossible since your older siblings are usually better than you at everything imaginable. If I tried this, it wouldn't be enough. If they had an account on here, they'd already have more member score than Htoutlaws2012 and more followers than PositronWildhawk.

Wait, so I'm the section leader of the snare drum section and not my older brother? Yipee!

But hey, you wanted me to do what you did, so... - Drumline

4 Find true love before them

"Hi, meet my wife, Amber."

If I got married before my older brother, that would be a surprise. - Drumline

5 Apply for a reality TV show, then win

Most notably, apply for one your older sibling applies to each year. - Drumline

6 Get more followers on TheTopTens than them

Both my older siblings do not have accounts on this site yet they've never heard of them, so I already win with this.

This is one of my greatest accomplishments over my older siblings: I have more followers than them! - Drumline

My sister doesn't even have t n followers. - AnonymousChick

7 Go to the hospital less times
8 Become a doctor, and save their life when they need it

Hey, I saved your life. Be glad I exist. But number seven is impossible by doing this one. - Drumline

9 Be able to help them with their homework

I could easily help my brother with geography, I know where places such as Malta, Cameroon, and Paraguay are when most haven't heard of them. - Drumline

My younger sister can't do this to me... Because my math is pathetically hard and she isn't the greatest at math... - Minecraftcrazy530

10 Die after them

Hey, you lived to see more into the future than they did! - Drumline

So you must die in front of them or later than them? - Animefan12

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11 Get better grades than them at school
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1. Graduate with a Master's degree before them
2. Take a job of authority at the place your older sibling works at
3. Get into what they do, then do it better



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