Top Ten Ways the Simpsons is Better Than Liv and Maddie


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1 The Simpsons Has Been on for 28 Years While Liv and Maddie Has Been on the Air for 3 Years

I don't like Liv and Maddie, but you can't judge a show for how many years it's been on. It's like saying Coca-Cola is better than water because the former is younger; Stupid and illogical. - Swellow

2 The Simpsons Has More Memorable Characters

That is true, the Liv and Maddie characters are boring, the characters in The Simpsons are more fun.

3 The Simpsons Has More Lovable Characters
4 The Simpsons is Not Repetitive
5 The Simpsons Has More Memorable Lines
6 The Simpsons is Original

Yeah, I'm starting to get bored of all these teen sitcoms. - Mcgillacuddy

The family getting into mischif and adventure is orignal while liv and maddie rips off nicks drake and josh - epictoonsfan1

7 The Simpsons is More Realistic
8 Marge and Lisa are Better Role Models Than Liv and Maddie
9 The Simpsons Put Effort in to Titles of Episodes

Liv and maddie does someting a roonie while the simpsons come with original titles, like brick like me dud wheres my ranch and crook and ladder - epictoonsfan1

There is no episode title change in Liv and Maddie.

Live and Maddie title in a nutshell: (insertarandomwordhere-a-Rooney)

Rooney is probably the worst EVER last name.-Vestalis

10 The Simpsons is Way More Funny

I laugh out loud at the simpsons while liv and maddie is bland - epictoonsfan1

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11 The Simpsons Has Video Games
12 No Stereotypes in The Simpsons
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