Why I Hate : Bandwagoning

Skullkid755 Raise your hand if you think The Legend of Zelda is the best Zelda game without playing it, but still played other Zelda games.
Raise your hand if you think Nirvana is the best band even though you haven't heard a song by them, but stil from other bands you like.
Raise your hand if you think Positron Wild-hawk is the best top tens user even though you clearly haven't commented on any of his content nor messaged him but still act like you did, and still interacted with other users and liked them.
Raise your hand if you think Apple is the best computer brand even though you use your Windows more.
Raise your hand if you think Sonic went downhill and all modern Sonic games suck, even though you are smile at Generations, Colors, Unleashed, and Heroes.

If you raised your hand to any of those, you bandwagon. That means you get your opinions from other people even though you don't understand why they have those opinions nor you know what they are talking about. Now, bandwagoning is okay, if you don't know about the category of what you're talking about. If you know about other stuff within that category however, it's not okay. For example, never playing any video game at all in your life and agreeing with people that Ocarina of Time is the best game of all time is okay since you have to go with what you know and the opinions of others to form that opinion. If you have played Portal 2, Overwatch, and Wind Waker without playing Undertale but still saying Undertale is better than all of those is not okay since you can form an opinion based off of your experiences and not others.

I am actually a bandwagoner when I don't have an opinion to form based off of what I've experience and instead have to rely on the opinions on others. I am not a music addict so my many blank opinions on music are formed from knowledge instead of experience. I am ashamed, but since I don't know much about the topic from my experience, I use what others say to form an opinion. I am ashamed of that, so I'll admit that I haven't listened to the following artists (if I have I wasn't aware) :
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Led Zeppelin
  • Nirvana
  • Eminem

So I will try an quit music bandwagoning and use the little experience I have from now on.

So, for this part of the rant, I'll talk about my least favorite type of bandwagoning. FIT IN BANDWAGONING. That type of bandwagoning is when you want to look cool so you say what everyone else says. It is usually seen in sports and music, and video games along with TV. You aren't making yourself look "cool", you are making yourself look like a lier, idiot,coward, and bandwagoner. A lier because it's unlikely you agree, an idiot because you aren't able to form your own opinion, a coward because you are afraid of stating your opinion, and finally a bandwagoner, which is because you are stating your opinion that others have because others have it, even if you don't agree with what you say.

Before the conclusions, I'd like to give an example. Watchmojo. Watchmojo is a You Tuber with addictive lists as the majority of his videos. How is he an example? Ocarina of Time in first place on many positive game lists, and DBZ being on a lot of positive anime lists. But he doesn't use real reasoning, just what others say. He's an overrated, addictive, and predicable You Tuber who is a good example of a bandwagoner.

So, do you want to know what the moral of this rant is? The moral of this rant is that you shouldn't say what others say because the majority is saying it. You should be courageous when stating your unpopular opinions, even if you are sure fanboys and fangirls will say "NO YOU EVIL FOR SAYING THAT #UREVIL #BANYOU #YOMAMABADFORMAKINGYOU!". I hope you use this blog post in real life and on the internet as a piece of advice. I also hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and I'll see you all later. I won't say "Follow me" since I no longer care about popularity, but again, WatchMojo is also a good example of a You Tuber who tells others to subscribe to him even though he is very very very very super duper popular. Goodbye for now.


1. I have never played any Legend of Zelda games, and I'm pretty sure they're stupid.
2. I've listened to Nirvana before, and I wouldn't put them in my top 100 favorite bands.
3. PositronWildhawk is actually pretty overrated for a user, but not as overrated as Britgirl, since he actually makes some good posts. Brobusky, ZXM, Metal_Treasure, and Htoutlaws2012 are all better.
4. I honestly do not like Apple computers. I am currently using a windows on the best laptop brand in my opinion, Asus.
5. I do agree that Sonic went downhill, but I guess Sonic Heroes is ok.

I wouldn't really say I'm a bandwagoner, especially when it comes to sports and music. My favorite sports team is the Tennessee Volunteers, and I've liked them even when they were 5-7 a couple of years ago, and Derek Dooley was being a terrible coach. However, I can name a lot of teams I hate, and they are all good teams when it comes to Championships and Heisman Trophy winners and stuff like that. Here is the list in order from worst to least bad.

1. Alabama (The most annoying fans, and their coach is basically Satan himself.)
2. USC (The craziest team in the craziest state.)
3. Miami (I heard they started a thing, which was called: Make fun of teams and their fans for losing.)
4. Ohio State (Like all the other teams on here, they have crazy fans.)
5. Florida (They did what Miami thought was cool. Good thing we beat the crap out of them this year.)
6. Oklahoma (Lets face it. They are not the best college football program of all time.)
7. Florida State (Same as Florida, but never bothered us with an 11 win streak.)
8. Michigan (Not as stupid as Ohio State, but not a good team either.)
9. Notre Dame (There fans can be annoying sometimes, but I do like to see them beat the crap out of USC.)
10. LSU (They let Alabama win the 2011 Championship, and remember that 2010 game against Tennessee that angered every single UT fan that year. I was watching it, and I was so upset that I called them the "Cheaters" instead of the "Tigers") - visitor

This is so true. I admit, I even thought of leaving the Sonic fandom, but I was to close (Sonic was my childhood). Also I hate Nicki Minaj for her personality more than her music - TwilightKitsune

This is why I've always prefered Mario over Sonic. - visitor

good post - Nateawesomeness

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Thanks for making this. I hate it so much. Mainly in sports though - ProPanda

I really want to quit being a bandwagoner because I find it stupid. - Powerfulgirl10

Haha...Bandwagonning...I used to do this a lot,especially on the top tens. Now I try to do this as least as possible, as I realized bandwagonning is a bad thing. And why is it called "bandwagon" anyways? - cosmo

Maybe because it is done a lot in opinions about bans, and you can ride wagons, so by stating a popular opinion because it is popular, you are riding the bandwagon? That's my theory. - Skullkid755

In Olden days of yore, those mighty knaves of yonder wouldst ride their horses, nay, into the fray of the battle itself. Upon the backs of said horse was a Mighty Strap, which did connect to a Band Wagon. Aboard the Band Wagons were the mighty knaves of yonder. Verily, they did many a fight aboard said wagon, and fierce was the nature of it. Thus, the weaker Band Wagons did lose many knaves of yonder, for they did not want to be killed. The stronger Band Wagons did hold many a mighty knave of yonder, for all knaves of yonder wanted to not die. Thus was the term "jumping on the bandwagon" coined, for those mighty knaves didst jump upon the stronger wagons, and all did love the stronger ones. Here endeth the story. - CityGuru

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