Top 10 Ways to Stay Safe in Life


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1 If you walk at night, walk with a friend

If you're out late at night be sure to walk in a well lit area in case of people trying to rob and/or kill you - Adventurur2

Or better yet carry a gun with you just in case. - egnomac

2 Don't give your real name away online

John Johnson. - Cyri

I'm fine with it as long as it's not too personal - BorisRule

I'm reading a thriller at the moment called I Can See You (Karen Rose). It's about a serial killer who chooses and stalks his victims online after they've revealed very personal and vital information about themselves. The killer then tracks them down in 'real life' and kills them in the way that they describe is their worst fear. The book is a work of fiction but it certainly makes you think about the dangers of being online. People just have to use common sense to stay safe online. - Britgirl

If in Discord or something never give him/her your real name - Adventurur2

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3 In a fire, stop, drop, and roll
4 Always play video games or watch TV at least 6 feet away from the screen

The bright colors can make you go blind - Adventurur2

5 Be careful with gangs

Gangs are criminals, if you join one.. good bye - Adventurur2

6 Don't do drugs

Or sell them either - Adventurur2

7 If you're being bullied, tell an adult
8 In the event of a fire, stay calm
9 Don't drink and drive

I've seen car crashes, I'd bet 100$ that at least one was caused by this. - Cyri

10 Don't breathe in cigar fumes

These can kill you - Adventurur2

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11 Don't smoke
12 Don't hold fireworks

I held one once. It wasn't lit. - Cyri

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