Top Ten Ways to Stay Safe When a Tornado Is Coming

The Top Ten

1 Go to a basement or a lowest floor


Your buildings alive also to be concrete - BorisRule

Tornadoes can suck up damage it has done and hit your house with not only the winds, but the debris will hit your home as well. That's why the basement is the safest place to be when a tornado is on the ground. - EpicJake

2 Stay away from windows
3 Do not go outside
4 Stay in your home or any building you're in
5 When outside, go in your car

This is actually the last place u would wanna be in cus it's a death trap. If your outside get inside or go in a ditch and lie flat.

6 Do not go to the top floor of your home

Good news for me I live in renton Washington and I live in were tornado rarely happen. although the worst we had was in port orchard last year. ef2. but those homes were 2 story houses and most of our bathrooms are on the top floor. - spyrocynder

7 Watch the weather
8 In school, do what teachers tell you to do
9 Have water bottles and non-perishable food
10 Stay in a ditch

The Contenders

11 Listen to any tornado sirens
12 Do what your parents tell you to do
13 If outside get in a ditch or (low lying area) and lay flat
14 Get a first aid kit
15 If your watching a TV show, turn to the news and follow what the news says
16 Put your head down
17 Keep Away from Overpasses and Between Buildings

The reason is between buildings and bridges its like a wind tunnel. if you are some how stuck in a situation if there is no ditch house safe area you can but do it if all else fails. and stay in your car! get down low below a dashboard and hang tight. - spyrocynder

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