Top Ten Ways to Stop Bronies

Bronies are male people who like the show My little pony friendship is magic. There also Evil people who turns other people into Bronies With there pony ways. Since I made the list called Top 10 Reasons To Hate Bronies I decide to make this list for ways to stop bronies or stop people from becoming a bronie. so lets get started. oh yea and bronies... SNAP OUT OF IT! :(

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1 Talk to Them

It used to be My Little Pony so skinny and bony went to the circus one day she farted on purpose and blew up the circus and that was the end of her day. No Bronies.
The only changes is the animation 80s/90s they looked like ponies.
1986 - The ponies are on their way to Flutter Valley for the "Sun Tuesday" celebration with the Flutter Ponies. Meanwhile, the Witches from the Volcano of Gloom are busy hatching a plan to destroy Flutter Valley and the ponies, allying with an army of giant bees to get their revenge on the Flutter Ponies. The bees steal the. precious Sun Stone, and if the Flutter Ponies can't get it back, their home will be destroyed.

My Little Pony isn't a little girl's show anymore? What? Well ever heard of The Worst Witch. Some action in that did you know in the first book the evil twin sister of the head of the school was going to turn the whole school into frogs so Mildred turned her and her coven into snails, The Worst Witch was made for little girls book, 80s film, 90s show, new show. Miss Hardbroom was similar to Snape except the first book was written in the 70s.

Talking would be the best way to stop a brony, but really, this list shouldn't exist at all. Don't try to stop someone from liking something. It's like telling someone to stop wearing boots because it's not cool... Or something. Bad example. Anyway, My Little Pony isn't a little girl's show anymore. A pony cracked into pieces and died last season. There's a reason people like that show, you know.

I agree that this should be the best way. I have tried it. Sadly, this has not always worked, as some specific bronies I have tried talking to won't even listen, and all I'm saying is to just post pony stuff where it makes sense. That's all.

2 Cancel My Little Pony Forever

If they cancel mlp they will have to move to something else...

Let's just hope it's not frozen

But bring back the old mlp but cancel the new mlp for eternity

Lol, how well canceling a show make the someone stop liking it?

Nor star vs the forces of evil

3 Creepypasta

Not really. I'm a brony and I'm proud enough to survive "The Cough" and "My Little Pony Theory"

One Creepypasta about Ponies and then they will never watch the show ever again.

We could also just kill them with cyanide gas or some kind of ebola aids mix

Lol they should watch smilehd or cupcakes so they could have nightmares of pinkie pie.

4 Make a Person Avoid Anything Ponie Like

We should prevent the spreading of bronies by finding someone who is not a brony and make them join the non-bronies. Tell them the real amazing shows and don't talk about My Little Pony.

I think it's the most effective way to fight them,
we need to stop them before everything gets infected.

And learn how to spell pony.

This is for people who are not yet a bronie. but they can be if they see anything pony like. so make them avoid eve contact and not let them see or hear anything about ponies.

5 Make Them Watch Other Hub Shows and Tell Them They're Good

Any Hub show will do and tell them that they are all good. just don't let them watch My little pony.

6 Tell them My Little Pony are for gay people

1. I'm a straight girl and I like MLP.
2. Homophobe.

What about for girls? I mean, nevermind, I'm lik so foolish (I'm not gay)

On Ebay UK the clothing is girls and women (hey nostalgia) but on the EBay USA MENS CLOTHING!

7 Scary Story

I read a scary story about ponies and I'm still a brony. So whatever you're saying is pretty inaccurate.

Like creepypasta, tell them a scary story about ponies and then they will stop watching the show.

8 Kick Their Balls

They don't deserve them.

Yes but don't kick christian bronies's ass but this will make you is similar that you try to persucute them(they're followers of Jesus and Yahweh don't kill them,they will realize Homosexuality is a sin)
Also Kick Their Balls is actually Kick Their Ass(Butt)

9 Make Them Watch SpongeBob Alot

I never heard of spongies so I wont need to deal with them,
I think this might work.

They will become Spongies instead of Bronies.

Like About 12 will do.

SpongeBob Versus MLP

10 Begging

I know worst idea ever but there so friendly that they will stop being a bronie.

The Contenders

11 Make Them Become Another Fanbase

That can work if there not so much of a bronie.

Undertale will do

12 Tell Them a Secret

Tell them a secret about what the ponies really do and they will not watch it.

I already know what ponies actually do and I'm still a brony.

13 Unite All the Other Fandoms Against the Bronies
14 Bore Them to Death

Make them so bored that they will not be a bronie anymore. So I hope you people like this list and try it on someone who is a bronie. And I hope you realize that Bronies are taking over THE WORLD! So bye and check out my other list.

15 Try to Delete the Fan Art So There Will Be Less People Thinking About Becoming One

It could work... But you'd need to take Deviantart, Equestriadaily, Flickr, Derpibooru, and many other art websites down. The legal way to take these hives of scum and villainy down is to boycott them.

Might work becouse it hurts my eyes when I see a random pony in between random webpages.

16 Make MLP Show Banned Worldwide

For the final MLP is going to the end on 2025 I Just Hoped that we want in the future were Lauren Faust had Past away from getting a cancer by the Lord Haters and there is no more MLP show make banned pediment Forever and Ever were anti Brony can Finally have Peace with no Bronies and make Bronies in prison by the swatted.

" Donald Trumps "

In 2025 I can't wait that long

17 Try to Make a Cartoon Show That Insults the Bronies

Well, first thing got to do,

1. You'll make a cartoon character of making MLP is a villain, and planning to domination of the world but make sure, you're the super hero of anti brony, like batman, superman, deadpool, Steve Murphy, Stan Smith,

2. make peter griffin surviving from the alien MLP from outer spaces

3. make the show about the government declare wars on the alien bronies from outer space

4. you make Lauren faust say she evils, she an alien queen, or etc.

final. release on the public to make the commissioner or the FCC to see it about insult on bronies, by keeping secert from the government they'll and keep it cool bros

Or you can becomed a judge and then you must act like Judge Claude Frollo
And you must see Bronies as unholy,filthy,full of sin just like Frollo's point of view on Gypsies as unholy,filthy and full of sin
You must won the political votes
In order to this
You must win the vote
So you can execute and persecute Bronies
Then you must see them as an ants that you crushed by your fingers

18 Get Them into Anime

I know anime is also kind of for losers, but hey, it's better than MLP. Get them into 3 episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist and they'll be hooked

The Friendship is Magic Ponies have Anime eyes.

19 Tell Them that Homosexuality is a sin

Ok no, no. People need to leave the Middle Ages.

I'm a christian brony but I must tell them that homosexuality is a sin,let them ban you on Derpibooru,they will know that God's wrath will make them died by terrorist attack or ISIS attack(ever since God use ISIS as a Judgement to mankind in middle east)
Ever since They are Sodom and Gomorrah of Internet

20 Show them how evil the fandom really is.

Internet pests

21 Have Thanos Snap His Fingers at Them

I wish brownies died of are die, dead

22 Say to them that they worshiping Babylonian gods and goddesses

So? probably older than the Bible.

As an example:
-Celestuia is Baal

-Fluttershy is Ishtar
This will make them realize they worshipping Babylonian gods and godesses

23 Tell them it was a 4chan prank.
24 Tell them boys usually hate things targeted to girls

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic seems to be the only thing for girls that gets an exception.

25 Have Them Executed by Congress

This is one of the stupidest lists I have seen.

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