Top Ten Best Ways to Stop Bullies

Warning: this list is made for entertainment purposes so if these tips do not work don't blame me. If it does work I'm happy for you. This list is not a copy of dumbest tips to stop bullying because the difference is these tips may help you and the lists have two different reasons to be made.

The Top Ten

1 Eat them

Hooray, cannibalism! - Spicygarlic

They will taste delicious,yum.

2 Beat them up

Don't forget to hang those bullies up too.

I would do that. - Userguy44

Did this in 1st grade and got in trouble

Kick their ass

3 Eat their mom

I bet those ugly Moms were used to being a bully back then.

That is sick, very twisted and very inappropriate.

They are the mean one not their mothers,I feel bad for those mothers cause they have terrible children.

4 Ask them to marry you

Why would I marry a bully? - Userguy44

What? Why would you ask a bully to marry you? What if you get abused or something... 😱

I think you'd ask just to make them confused and then they'd probably stop? - Meg21

5 Ask them out on a date

This list is so evil lol, but it's funny! - Userguy44

A SAVAGE date would be better! Muhaha!

I did this once, scared them away

6 Ask them if you can lick them

What! Eww!

7 Bite them


I bit my friends bully once and he got infected because I had braces on and he went to the teacher and the teacher asked me if I did it and I said no, and I said he cut his arm on the fence and he was blaming it on me because he doesn’t like me - Lolbs

8 Tell them that they look good to eat


If they try to beat you up beat them up and tell someone. Make sure they know you did it to defend yourself.

This is one of the best ways to stop a bully. - TopTensFan

Then they would beat you up or something. - RiverClanRocks

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9 Squirt mustard on them

Especially on their eyes.

10 Roast them

I'm not good at roasting myself, but this is a very good idea.

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