Top Ten Ways to Stop Racism

Every day, people get bullied for being from another country, this is what you call "racism", but do we have a way to stop it?

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1 Make new friends who aren't from the same country as you

I have a friend from Mexico. - BorisRule

2 Find out good facts about other countries

If you're being honest, no apology is necessary.
In another post, you asked people, "please don't hate me." Seems many younger people today are the real haters, and you can find it all over these lists.
They talk a lot about "tolerance" and "respect," while giving none and spewing hatred. Yet when legitimate criticism is directed toward them, they are quick to claim victim status for themselves.
If you are experiencing genuine racism, or hate directed toward you because of who you are or what you believe, I am truly sorry.
Have courage. I hope you find many good friends who will accept you for who you are. But never let other people define you.
I wish you the best.

Your list is not about "racism."
It's about "xenophobia."
But thanks for another entertaining adventure in low-information groupthink.

3 Try food invented by other countries

I love every foods from different cultures. There delish! 😋

4 Find similarities of different countries
5 Share political powers and resources with others
6 Learn the races that makes up America

DON'T FORGET other countries that are NOT FROM AMERICA.

7 Read news articles intelligently

As long as the news articles are not saying anything negative about another race by spreading rumors, than it's all good.

8 Join anti-racism groups
9 Stop using racial slurs

So if I insult a African-American even tough I am not directing my insult words to his race and skin color is that racism? ,Heck no,If I have a black colored car is that racist,No - CerealGuy

If the African American offended you that is okay I guess. But if you just enjoy hating racial groups, then that is what I call racism. - MChkflaguard_Yt

10 Forget about race

If you constantly bash people over the heads with race and labels, they will think about race and labels. Black people in the United States are not African-Americans, they are Americans. - GhostBird

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11 No more white police officers

This right here is racist. Just wow. - GhostBird

This guy is a jerk. This is pure racism. What an idiot.

You do realized that is still very racist.

Why? Just why? Everyone is different but has the same human race.

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12 Share stories of discrimination

I'm pretty sure that people got bullied for their race, at some point.

13 Make it illegal

Off course racism should be illegal, but don't unnecessary play the race game because sometimes when people do that, they end up crossing the line. Just saying.

People can have an opinion for not liking a race. But racism should defiantly be illegal. We are all a human race with different backgrounds. We all deserve to be treated equally with respect, care and people should especially be kind to other races, religion, etc.

14 Delete country hating lists

Most Hated Countries, Most Hated Asian Countries and Worst Countries needs to burn in hell. Especially with Worst Countries, it is straight out "worst" and no one points out the problems in it! - MChkflaguard_Yt

No country deserves to be hated on, nor the people.

Everyone has their own opinion if they hate a certain country.

15 Don't reinforce it
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