Top 10 Ways Students Cheat in Exams

The Top Ten Ways Students Cheat in Exams

1 Ask their classmates questions
2 Write notes on a piece of paper and hide it on their person
3 Hide notes in the washroom

This is something about the test so I’m gonna say anyway, me and my friends made a snapchat conversation to tell us some answers so instead of doing 20 questions, we would have to work out 4 questions each meaning I needed 4 friends...and it worked by the way, we all got straight a’s and I’m a genius

4 Peek at other student's papers

Meh, done it. Easy peasy. - AlphaQ

5 Write notes on their hand

I admit, I did this in geography once. - AnonymousChick

Haha really it's funny don't you afraid what if any teacher caught you cheating? - Righteous

6 Ask classmates to show their answers
7 Arrange to meet with a classmate in the washroom to discuss the exam
8 Exchange their answer sheet with a classmate so their classmate can write the answers
9 Exchange notes with classmates
10 Look on maps on the classroom walls

I did this a few times

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11 Use your phone under your legs
12 Write the answers in the form of a box of tissues, each tissue having another answer
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