Best Ways to Suck Up to a Boss

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1 Find out where he or she takes his or her dry cleaning and pretend you live nearby

That way you can always say, "Hey there big guy, I can drop something off at the cleaners if you want. "

2 Station yourself in the parking lot before and after work

If you're the first and last person your manager sees every day, you'll seep into his or her subconscious.

3 Eavesdrop on their conversations, then feed him or her back their ideas as if they were your own

He or she will think you can read his or her mind.

4 Offer to help him/her with some paperwork and do it somewhat often (but be sure to get your own done first!)

Because if it seems like you are willing to help him/her with the dullest of things, he or she will know that you are someone they can count on.

5 Laugh at their bad jokes
6 Flatter them
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